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Kibble for SOS 400 chats des rues !

Emergency ! In Miramas, Isabelle has no kibble left to feed the 400 street cats who need her... without help, the poor cats risk starving!
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Kibble for SOS 400 chats des rues !
Emergency ! In Miramas, Isabelle has no kibble left to feed the 400 street cats who need her... without help, the poor cats risk starving!

1,080 kg
Dry food offered

1,080 kg
Dry food necessary

1. In France, Isabelle is out of kibble to feed the 400 street cats in her area... If no one helps, the poor cats risk starving!

"Our association currently feeds more than 400 street cats, spread over about 60 different sites. Unfortunately, our stock of kibble is now at zero...

The volunteers try as best they can to buy food for the cats, but with so many animals, the cost per person is too high! So we buy here and there some cheap kibbles, because we have no choice... Soon, we will have nothing at all to give them!

However, with the return of the cold weather, cats need to get stronger than ever. Without kibble, they will get sick. Some of them are already getting diarrhea and have a weakened immune system. The poor things may not survive the winter!"

2. Affected by a big virus and kidney problems, Chinkara lost a lot of weight. She won't make it without kibble...

"Chinkara is a 12-year-old cat, she has been living on the street for almost 10 years. The poor girl suffers from multiple health problems... As her kidneys are no longer functioning properly, she drinks a lot and gets tired easily.

She also suffers from chronic coryza: her nose runs, she coughs and her eyes are watery. The vet also diagnosed her with gingivitis: her gums are red and inflamed.

Exhausted by all these fragilities, Chinkara has lost a lot of weight. She absolutely needs to gain strength to be able to hold on. Without kibble, she may not survive this winter!"

3. Street cats are aging and in poor health: veterinary costs are increasing, but donations are not keeping up!

"For the most part, street cat colonies are aging. The cats are more and more fragile, and get sick more easily. We are currently seeing many cases of coryza and bronchitis... Giving them the care they need requires a substantial budget.

Unfortunately, we don't get many donations and the in-store collections don't work very well. It has been 2 years since we have been able to organize a lottery because of COVID. The loss of income is enormous... The last 6 months have been extremely tough!

The volunteers can't afford the veterinary expenses and the purchase of food on their own... Without help, we don't see how we will manage to get our heads above water!"

4. Isabelle is not asking for money, only kibble to feed the street cats in need.

"I have been involved in the animal cause for 30 years, and I have had my association for 14 years. The feeding, the veterinary visits... it's my daily life!

To take care of free cats, I only have my salary. The little help we receive only covers a few bills, but considering the number of street cats, it is far from enough! As it is, we don't know how to get by..."

5. Animal Webaction can deliver kibble to save the association's cats!

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Association Ecole du Chat des Alpilles Comité de Défense des Bêtes Libres de nos Cités
Maison de l’Inovation et du Partage
rue Albert Camus
13140 Miramas
FR France
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