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Kibble for SOS 200 street cats!

SOS ! In Amélie-les-bains, Brigitte has no kibble left to feed the 200 street cats who need her... They risk starving if no one helps!
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Kibble for SOS 200 street cats!
SOS ! In Amélie-les-bains, Brigitte has no kibble left to feed the 200 street cats who need her... They risk starving if no one helps!

1,080 kg
Dry food offered

1,080 kg
Dry food necessary

1. In France, Brigitte is out of kibble to feed the 200 free cats that rely on her... The poor ones might starve!

"We are currently feeding 200 street cats at 8 feeding sites in the Amelie-les-Bains area. In recent months, the number of free cats has been increasing. Between the kittens and the old cats with heavy pathologies, the abandonments are always more numerous!

Unfortunately, we only have one bag of kibble left... We have tried to hold on until now with our personal funds, but it is no longer possible! In some towns, the volunteers are obliged to ration the cats, or to give them cheap pasta...

This can't go on, winter is coming ! We have to find a solution quickly, or the most fragile cats will not survive.

2. A site with about 30 cats has just been discovered... With so many more mouths to feed, the association can no longer cope!

"We have just discovered that a lady was feeding nearly 30 free cats in a neighboring town. She will soon be evicted from her home, and will not be able to take care of them anymore.

In addition to trying to find a housing solution for this lady, we will have to take care of all these new cats. Most of them are sick or in poor health... they won't last without kibble either!"

3. Heavily handicapped on one leg and very weak, Night is particularly fragile... Without kibble, we fear she will not survive!

"Night is a little cat who lives hidden under cars. She has a birth defect: one of her back legs is completely twisted. This is a big handicap for her who lives on the street: she is more vulnerable to danger because she has difficulty moving around.

It is also much more difficult for her to find food by herself. So she is very weakened... She needs to gain strength. We are afraid that she will not make it through the winter if we can't give her any more kibble!"

4. The store which was used to finance the association's actions no longer sells and the donations are in decline... They're reaching a dead-end!

"We have a store in Amélie-les-bains, where we sell donated items. The money collected used to buy kibble for the cats and finance veterinary care.

Unfortunately due to COVID, the city is deserted by tourists and there are less and less people coming by our store. The loss of income is enormous for us but we still have to pay the rent, and cats still need us...

Our subsidies have also decreased, it has  become impossible for us to buy kibble. Not to mention that cats are more and more numerous: people abandon their old cats, kittens, sick cats... We are starting to reach a point of no return."

5. Brigitte is not asking for money, only kibble to prevent the cats from starving.

"These are very tough times we're going through. Between the hours spent at our store and at the shelter, I spend a lot of time looking for ways to raise funds.

Unfortunately, we are sorely lacking in volunteers. Working for the association is therefore a part-time job for me... It is unthinkable for me to remain idle in the face of animal misery!"

6. Animal Webaction can deliver kibble to help the association's cats!

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