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We cannot leave these 121 dogs starve!

SOS! In Serbia, Sladja will soon run out of kibble to feed the 121 dogs in her shelter, they might starve to death!
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We cannot leave these 121 dogs starve!
SOS! In Serbia, Sladja will soon run out of kibble to feed the 121 dogs in her shelter, they might starve to death!

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2,000 kg
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Animal Webaction visited the site 04 December 2021 and confirms the situation described below.

1. In Serbia, Sladja is running out of food for the 121 dogs in her shelter. They will starve if no one intervenes!


"The number of dogs I take in at the shelter keeps increasing! I do my best to find new families for the dogs and to have more space at the shelter to take in new ones... But every time I rescue a dog, I have to spend even more money, because the street dogs are always sick or injured.

I am very limited by my financial resources, I can't manage on my own. At the moment I only have enough food for 4 or 5 days. After that, I would have no way to feed them. Unfortunately, I have taken to reducing the daily portions of the dogs, but they become aggressive, nervous, and start to fight each other. Some of the fights might even kill some of them, I am very afraid for them... It affects me a lot, I don't sleep at night, this campaign is my only hope."

2. Without kibble, Sladja can no longer save street dogs threatened by hunger and cold.


"Street dogs are left to their own devices, they reproduce because they are not sterilised, and they face diseases, cold, starvation... Nobody cares for them, I am the only one who wants to help them, they depend on me to survive. There are no public services, and politicians do nothing to stop the reproduction or find solutions to improve their living conditions.

The problem is that because of the lack of kibble, I can't take in new dogs, they are doomed to starve in the streets, crushed, poisoned... My biggest fear is to find dead dogs when I go out on the street to feed them. I love them all, they are members of my family. My only hope is to free up space in the shelter by finding them homes but it's a long process..."

3. Amputated after being hit by a car, Srecko needs food to survive.


"Srecko was hit by a car when he was still a puppy. We immediately took him to the vet and the surgeons had to cut off a part of his leg. Since then he has not walked well because of his amputated paw. If I were to stop feeding him, he would be in danger, he is still too weak to fend for himself..."

4. Without subsidies or donations, Sladja has to manage everything on her own with her pension as her only income. She can no longer buy kibble.


"I have to run the shelter by myself most of the time, as there is only one volunteer who comes to help me from time to time. I also have to fund it to the tune of 80%! Unfortunately my own resources are not enough, and I have no partnership because in Serbia the population is not interested in stray dogs.

Animal Webaction is the only help I get from abroad. Sometimes I get help from Germany, some bags of kibble or some donations, but this does not allow me to run the shelter full time.

I've always managed on my own, but now I can't do it anymore. I am already in debt with the kibble suppliers, I really need this campaign to succeed... My dogs' lives depend on it!"

5. Sladja is not asking for money, only kibble to prevent the dogs from starving.


"My dedication to animals in distress comes from my father. I created the association in 2012 and since then I have been fighting to improve the lives of abandoned dogs. I could no longer witness so much misery! Initially, I rented a piece of land privately and started taking in abandoned dogs that I regularly fed on the street.

I am very happy to say that I have rescued over 350 dogs without any help, all the dogs in the shelter are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, chipped, and ready to be taken in by a loving family. I pray every day that the situation does not deteriorate, these dogs deserve to have a good life, and I will continue to fight for them."

6. If this campaign succeeds, Sladja will not receive any money but 2000 kg of kibbles, delivered from Animal Webaction's logistics platform in Serbia.

Animal Webaction has a logistics platform directly in Serbia, which enables us to intervene quickly and deliver kibbles.

7. Campaigns launched on Animal Webaction often fail.

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When a campaign fails, Animal Webaction cannot deliver the products. The beneficiary doesn't receive anything and the buyers are refunded.

8. In Serbia, street dogs are hunted by the State and ignored by the population, volunteers like Sladja are their only hope!

If you know of a foundation or NGO that could help Sladja, please invite them to contact us so that we can put them in touch.

If you represent an animal welfare foundation or NGO, please help Sladja's dogs, please contact us and we will put you in touch!

If you would like to come to Sladja's shelter to help her or if you would like to send her kibbles or a check directly, please contact Sladja via the association's Facebook page (note: direct help is your own responsibility).

9. If you make a purchase on Animal Webaction, it will be protected by our guarantees.

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