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Kibble for Disaster 300 street cats!

SOS ! In Port Saint-Louis, Catherine has no more kibble to feed the 300 free cats who need her... The poor cats risk starving to death!
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Kibble for Disaster 300 street cats!
SOS ! In Port Saint-Louis, Catherine has no more kibble to feed the 300 free cats who need her... The poor cats risk starving to death!

1,080 kg
Dry food offered

1,080 kg
Dry food necessary

1. In France, Catherine is running out of kibble to feed the 300 street cats who need her... The poor cats are in danger of starving to death!

"In Port Saint-Louis, my association covers 13 feeding sites, which represents nearly 300 street cats. Unfortunately, our stock of kibble is currently close to nothing because I can no longer advance the money. So we buy low quality kibble, which we mix with pasta or rice... but even so, we have to ration the cats.

Without kibble, this year could be very difficult. Cats count on us, they wait for us. When we arrive, some become aggressive and fight for kibble. Others come running crying because they are so hungry. They start to weaken, to get sick... We can't leave them without anything!"

2. Faced with rising prices and falling donations, the association finds itself without resources!

"I tried to organize a collection at the shopping center for Easter, but it didn't work out well. Donations are down 50% this year... Life is hard for everyone, with the price increases. Kibble, veterinary care... Everything is more expensive! Flea treatment prices have even doubled!

We must therefore sometimes stop the care and sterilizations, because our budget does not follow. Some people are so helpless that they ask us to help them to take care of their animals. We also see an increase in the number of abandonments... Continuing our mission under these conditions has become particularly difficult."

3. Affected by feline AIDS, Boulette is seriously weakened and vulnerable. Without kibble, he will not survive!

"Boulette is a 14-year-old cat, who has always lived in the streets. He has endured a lot of abuse... Some time ago, some kids put glue on his back. We had to shave him completely to get him out of this situation!

Unfortunately, Boulette tested FIV positive. This disease, also called feline immunodeficiency syndrome, is an incurable condition. It can occur at any time in cats that are carriers. As a result, Boulette is becoming more and more fragile: because his immune system is weakened, he tends to get sick easily.

For example, he had a gum inflammation from which he recovered with great difficulty. He lost a lot of weight and his kidneys became weak. In his situation, it is crucial that Boulette gets enough good quality food. Without kibble, his condition could deteriorate rapidly. He would not survive!"

4. Catherine is not asking for money, only kibble to prevent street cats from starving.

"I have been taking care of animals for 26 years and the association has existed for 12 years. We sterilize, identify, care for, feed the cats... But it's getting harder and harder, because my health condition complicates my mission. However, giving up is out of the question!

Cats really need us! People often have no idea of the reality on the field. Taking care of free cats is exhausting... We give a lot of our energy and time, despite our limited resources. Because we know that our work is essential. Without us, there would be even more cats in need!"

5. Animal Webaction can deliver kibble to help the association's cats!

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