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This campaign succeeded, it has been delivered on the 13/06/2022, discover the delivery pictures.
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Blankets for Sonny

Stressed, skeletal, Sonny can't get better!
photo association
Blankets for Sonny
Stressed, skeletal, Sonny can't get better!

287,300 cm2
blankets offered

287,300 cm2
blankets necessary

Les Amis de Michouette decided to move forward the ending date of their campaign because the quantity left in their stock of blankets is highly critical. They are conscious that it might increase the risk of failure of this campaign.

Stressed, skeletal, Sonny can't get better!

1. He narrowly escaped death

Sonny comes from a location where all the other cats were poisoned.

He saw them die and he is still very stressed by these particularly trying events!

2. He is not gaining weight

Sonny is skeletal. And it's not going to get any better: he's already 13 years old and has hyperthyroidism that he's having trouble recovering from.

Despite treatment, he is not gaining any weight!

3. Blankets will keep him warm

Sonny is very tired from his physical condition. Blankets will help him not to have to fight against the cold. This will prevent him from becoming even more fragile!

4. The year starts very badly

Financially, it is already very complicated. We have a lot of veterinary expenses lately. There are a lot of sick animals and they need us to take care of them more than ever!

Association Les Amis de Michouette
60 avenue des fontenelles
78510 Triel sur Seine
FR France

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