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Kibble for Disaster 150 street cats!

SOS ! In Marseille, Ghislaine has no kibble left to feed the 150 cats she takes care of herself... we cannot let them starve!
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Kibble for Disaster 150 street cats!
SOS ! In Marseille, Ghislaine has no kibble left to feed the 150 cats she takes care of herself... we cannot let them starve!

1,080 kg
Dry food offered

1,080 kg
Dry food necessary

1. In France, Ghislaine has no kibble left to feed the 150 street cats who need it... The poor cats are in danger of starving to death!

"I currently take care of over 150 street cats, spread over 12 feeding sites. But between the rising prices, the fact that I am alone to manage everything and the constant increase in the number of free cats, I can't do it anymore! 

My kibble stock is completely empty... I can only buy small amounts every now and then, which only allows me to feed the weakest cats at this stage. The other cats are rationed too, and have started to lose weight... all are hungry and they need me !

If it goes on like this, I won't be able to go back to feed any cats. My fear is that they will start eating rats and end up being poisoned. Without kibble, the free cats might die of hunger or diseases, one after another..."

2. Without any financial help, the association has no budget to continue feeding the cats...

"I don't receive any grant, and no in-store collections are possible at this time. With donations becoming scarce and no new memberships, the situation is becoming very problematic.

I'm doing my best, but right now this is becoming a real financial headache... Not only is there no money to feed the cats, but there is also no money to sterilize them: we are entering a vicious circle. With the increase in veterinary fees and the cost of care, the association will not be able to keep going for much longer!

Not to mention that new kitties are coming in from all over. Between mothers with kittens and abandoned cats, I am overwhelmed! Many of these animals are in pain. My only wish is to help them, but the association lacks means... "

3. Heavily handicapped, Bagherra is entirely dependent on Ghislaine's help to be fed and survive!

"Bagherra is a cat of about 5 years old, who unfortunately has been ataxic since birth. Because of this severe neurological disorder, the entire right side of his body does not function. He is blind in his right eye and deaf. He also has balance problems and has a constant head tilt. All these disabilities make it impossible for him to find food on his own...

Recently, he got sick with coryza, and lost a lot of weight. Without kibble to regain weight, he will not recover and may die. We can't let that happen!"

4. Ghislaine isn't asking for money, only kibble to prevent the street cats from starving.

"I am more and more worried about the current situation. The association is heading for disaster... I have no car, so I walk from feeding site to feeding site. No matter how much I devote myself body and soul to helping cats, even sometimes to the point of making myself sick, it is not enough, because I'm all alone. 

I only get the minimum income welfare check to pay my rent, my bills, buy food for the cats and take care of them. So I spend my time depriving myself and live in great poverty. My relatives don't always understand, but I know why I do this. Cats only have me, I can't let them starve! But if I don't find a solution very soon, the descent into hell will continue..."

5. Animal Webaction can deliver kibble to save the association's cats!

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