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This campaign succeeded, it has been delivered on the 09/09/2022, discover the delivery pictures.
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Pellets for Nevus

With age, Nevus tends to lose weight...
photo association
Pellets for Nevus
With age, Nevus tends to lose weight...

200 kg
Pellets offered

200 kg
Pellets necessary

Association Hippique du Caroux decided to move forward the ending date of their campaign because the quantity left in their stock of pellets is highly critical. They are conscious that it might increase the risk of failure of this campaign.

With age, Nevus tends to lose weight...

1. He is more and more fragile...

Nevus is a 21-year-old horse, whose owners did not want him anymore. To avoid the slaughterhouse, they entrusted him to us.

As he is getting older, Nevus tends to lose weight easily, if he is not sufficiently supplemented.

2. With pellets, he could maintain his weight

A supplementation as rich as pellets would be ideal for Nevus. He would benefit from a complete diet, which would help him maintain his weight.

3. Funds are running out! 

Each end of month is very difficult for the association. We only have our meager pensions to maintain, take care of and feed 25 animals... Even if we give our best, it is far from being enough!

Association Association hippique du Caroux et paint ball
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