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We cannot let the 450 dogs living at Armina's shelter starve!

URGENT ! Armina has almost no kibble left to feed the shelter's 450 dogs. They will starve!
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We cannot let the 450 dogs living at Armina's shelter starve!
URGENT ! Armina has almost no kibble left to feed the shelter's 450 dogs. They will starve!

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1,360 kg
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Animal Webaction visited the site 11 March 2023 and confirms the situation described below.

1. In Bosnia, Armina is running out of kibble to feed the 450 dogs at her shelter. They will starve if no one helps!


"This year has been terribly difficult for us... Despite up-to-date vaccinations, we had to deal with a distemper outbreak. Many dogs have fallen ill and our veterinary bills have reached unfathomable amounts! Our donations are also very low, even lower than usual. With the economic situation, people can no longer save money to help animals in need. We sometimes receive a few bags of kibble, but this is far too little, both in terms of quantity and frequency, to keep our dogs well fed and healthy. Especially considering that many of them are still recovering...

With rising kibble prices, exploding veterinary debts, sporadic donations and 450 dogs in our care... We are running out of kibble faster than we can afford to buy it! Today we have enough left for two days at the most. We have put out an appeal for donations on our Facebook page, but it's not going well and time is running out... It's hard to describe the kind of stress we are under. Kibble is what we need most, and we have no other option than this campaign to get it... Our 450 dogs can only rely on you!"

2. Fights have already broken out: this campaign is Armina's last hope to avoid a disaster! 


"The dogs show signs of aggression, they fight for different reasons: sometimes they are annoyed by the behaviour of a fellow dog, sometimes they fight for kibble. So far we have managed to stop the fights in time and the dogs have only suffered small wounds. But although these injuries are of moderate importance, it is still heartbreaking to see our dogs suffering in any way, and the impending shortage of kibble makes us fear the worst...

If we don't find a way to get kibble soon, we fear the situation will get out of hand with so many hungry dogs. The shelter has dominant dogs and others that are still vulnerable and recovering, so we really can't afford to let this situation get even one tiniest bit worse...

We are at breaking point! All of our resources have been spent on healing sick dogs; and our adoptions have also stopped. We need more space, more boxes to separate the dominant dogs, but all of this will have to wait, as we cannot even afford one month's worth of kibble... We are fighting for our survival and we are pinning all our hopes on this campaign to avoid an upcoming disaster!"

3. Underweight and weakened by persistent follicular mange, Oscar's life depends on this kibble delivery!


"Oscar is seven years old and we rescued him from the pound, where he contracted follicular mange. Unfortunately, his skin rashes are not going away and he has also started to lose weight. If we don't find a way to keep the shelter supplied with kibble, he will be one of the first to pay the price... His immunity will be further weakened, and he would also be at risk of fighting with other dogs, as he has already started to show signs of nervousness... We cannot afford to find out what the next consequences will be... We need this kibble campaign to succeed so Oscar can be safe!"

4. The increase in veterinary costs has finished off the association's finances, which were already undermined by inflation and the drop in donations...


"We have never been as worried as we are today about the future of the shelter... Our donations are very low and also very rare. We haven't had an adoption in about 2 months but sadly, that doesn't stop people dropping dogs off at our doors! We have a lot of vet bills due to spaying and neutering and treating dogs that arrive in poor condition, and more recently due to distemper vaccinations.

We are finding it extremely difficult to get kibble because of inflation, and the little we have left will not last more than two days... God knows how we will continue after that... We are short of volunteers, only four of us come regularly, and with so many dogs, it is difficult to organise and cover all the necessary expenses.

Even our Italian partner "Prijedor Emergency" is not able to collect enough donations lately; and all other doors we have knocked on have remained closed. Our commitment and motivation to help the dogs remains intact, despite the difficulties. But we can't do it without sufficient support... This campaign is our only lifeline!"

5. Armina isn't asking for money, only kibble to prevent the dogs from starving.


"Two years ago, a female with puppies appeared near my house. At the time, I contacted Ina, the president of the SPAS association, to see what could be done with them. She told me that she could take them in after all their vaccinations. So they stayed with me for three weeks and then I took them to the shelter. After that I started coming to the shelter several times a week to continue to look after them, and then I decided to become a permanent volunteer and look after all the other dogs!

When I started, I didn't expect to rescue so many dogs in such poor condition and in such inhumane conditions. Unfortunately, animal welfare is not a priority for our elected officials, and many municipal pounds are real hell-holes. The one in our region is unfortunately no exception... it is even one of the most notorious ones, for all the wrong reasons. This is where our actions make sense! Without our shelter, countless street dogs or dogs from the pound would have died of hunger or abuse. That's why we have to continue, despite the adversity we have to face every day..."

6. If this campaign succeeds, Armina will not receive any money but 1360 kg of kibble, delivered from Animal Webaction's logistics centre in Bosnia.

Animal Webaction has a logistics centre in Bosnia which allows us to intervene quickly and deliver kibble.

7. Campaigns launched on Animal Webaction often fail...

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When a campaign fails, Animal Webaction cannot deliver the products. The beneficiary doesn't receive anything and the buyers are refunded. 

8. In Bosnia, stray dogs are tortured and killed illegally without anyone looking...


If you know of a foundation or NGO that could help Armina, please invite them to contact us so that we can put them in touch with each other.

If you represent a Foundation or an NGO for animal protection, please help Armina's dogs, contact us and we will put you in touch!

If you want to come to Armina's shelter to help her, or if you want to send her directly some kibbles or a check, contact her via Facebook (note: direct help is under your own responsibility).

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