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We cannot let the 220 street cats under Hind’s care starve!

SOS! In Morocco, Hind has almost no kibble left to feed the 220 street cats she cares for, they are going to starve!
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We cannot let the 220 street cats under Hind’s care starve!
SOS! In Morocco, Hind has almost no kibble left to feed the 220 street cats she cares for, they are going to starve!

920 kg
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920 kg
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Animal Webaction visited the site 11 March 2023 and confirms the situation described below.

1. In Morocco, Hind is almost out of kibble to feed the 220 street cats she cares for: they will starve if no one intervenes!


"Together with the volunteers of my association, we feed and take care of more than 220 cats in the city's streets... This number is only increasing, as there are still massive abandonments of unsterilised cats... This results in numerous litters being born in the streets, which our sterilisation efforts unfortunately struggle to prevent! 

These cats are too fragile and very vulnerable living outside, and at the moment, the lack of food worries me a lot! We are only feeding them once a day and moreover, with poor quality kibble that is unsuited to their needs; we've even had to ration the portions for almost a month... They are starving and I fear that the lack of kibble will put their lives in danger!     

We are suffering from both a constant and vertiginous drop in donations and high inflation: we can no longer buy kibble. It's very hard to continue to work for the well-being of these cats in these conditions... I do everything I can for them, but I can't do it any more, I'm devastated when I think about all of these cats' fate if this campaign fails!"

2. The impending lack of kibble puts the street cats in danger: already struggling, they won't survive if this campaign fails!


"Our feeding rounds are essential for the stray cats, as many of them are malnourished and this plays a big part in their health!  But we only have a small amount of low quality kibble left to give them... I'm afraid that if we keep feeding them less and less, they'll end up getting very sick and eating nothing but rubbish! Moreover, the month of Ramadan is coming up and all the restaurants and grocery shops will close: the cats who survive on leftover food won't be able to find anything to eat!

Many of the cats left outside are not used to these harsh conditions... They are more likely to catch highly contagious - and often fatal - viruses such as coryza... Often, as a result of road accidents, they end up severely disabled, when they are not killed! All these dangers are exacerbated by the proliferation of cats... There is little change in their daily lives, it is still so sad! They rely on our help to survive, but if the campaign fails, I really won't be able to feed them anymore and they will die!"

3. Minette has a severe case of coryza: emaciated and weak, she won't be able to fight the virus for long without kibble...


"Minette is a young female who lives on the street... She worries me a lot, because she suffers from a very virulent case of coryza which has already taken one of her brothers... She is getting weaker and thinner. She must be treated as soon as possible to fight the virus!

But alas, without kibble, she will not be able to assimilate the treatment properly and I fear that her recovery is not assured... The outcome will be fatal, given her state of health!"

4. The association is lacking funds and Hind is heavily in debt: without help, she can no longer buy kibble for the cats...


"It used to be easier to get kibble for cats, but with the increase in prices and the growing number of cats, I can no longer manage alone. Donations have dropped considerably and the association depended almost exclusively on them to survive...

I finance everything with my personal income and I am therefore forced to go into debt, especially to pay the vet's bills and even to pay the association's employees' salaries... This is not a sustainable situation!

The dozen cats we have taken in, who are recovering, also need to be cared for and fed, as do the hundreds of stray cats... This is not possible, without sufficient funds. We can no longer rely on online fundraising either, so this Animal Webaction campaign is really our last chance to help us save and help the cats!"

5. Hind isn't asking for money, only kibble to prevent the cats from starving.


"I have been sensitive to the animal cause since I was very young... That's what pushed me, later on, to create the association Comme Chiens et Chats. We want to raise awareness and help animals in distress: we take care of them and find them loving adoptive families. On the streets, our actions go further because we apply the "TNVR" method (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release) in order to reduce as much as possible the overpopulation of stray dogs and cats...

The animals in distress are still very numerous compared to the association and its means... But at least here, thanks to our presence, the stray dogs and cats cannot be mistreated or killed, because we are here to protect them! Our efforts seem to be paying off, little by little, as people are more open about the issue of sterilisation... But I remain constantly concerned about the future of the association and all our abandoned and vulnerable cats... It's not possible to continue to care for them and feed them, without more help, in the long term."

6. If this campaign succeeds, the association will not receive any money, but 920 kg of kibble, delivered from Animal Webaction's logistics centre in Morocco.

Animal Webaction has a logistics centre in Morocco, which allows us to intervene quickly and deliver the kibble.

7. Hind has no other alternative than this Animal Webaction campaign in order to continue her work with street cats...

"We help each other with a few associations and organisations in the region, for everything related to adoptions... Their support is precious to us but we don't help each other on the material or financial aspects, it's not possible because everyone lacks resources, at the moment!

Online fundraising never really works and I often have the impression that we are struggling for nothing when we organise these. On social media, I communicate a lot about adoptions and I also share urgent appeals about cats that need help, but it's really not easy to get people involved!

It's getting harder and harder to provide for the cats in our care with so few donations; but many people are suffering tremendously in this economic context, I'm well aware of that... So I'll be very grateful to every person who will contribute, in their own way, to the success of this campaign!"

8. Campaigns launched on Animal Webaction often fail...

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When a campaign fails, Animal Webaction cannot deliver the products. The beneficiary doesn't receive anything and the buyers are refunded. 

9. In Morocco, donors are rare, and there are no foundations or subsidies... It is very difficult to find funding for kibble, many cats are left starving in the street!


If you know of a foundation or NGO that could help Hind, please invite them to contact us so that we can put them in touch.

If you represent an animal protection foundation or NGO, please help Hind's cats, contact us, and we will put you in touch!

If you want to visit the Comme Chiens et Chats Maroc association to help them or if you want to directly send them some kibble or a cheque, please contact the association via Facebook (note: direct help is done on your own responsibility).

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