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This campaign succeeded, it has been delivered on the 14/06/2023, discover the delivery pictures.
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Canned food for Cailloux

Poor Cailloux is so skinny!
photo association
Canned food for Cailloux
Poor Cailloux is so skinny!

256 cans

256 cans

Les Chats Libres de Condom 32 decided to move forward the ending date of their campaign because the quantity left in their stock of canned food is highly critical.

Poor Cailloux is so skinny!

1. He is stunted

Cailloux is a one year old cat who has never received any love and has only recently let us pet him. He was very skinny when he arrived, and still has stunted growth which could weaken his health in the future.

2. Canned food would help him get stronger

A protein-rich diet would help Cailloux reach an optimal weight for his age. Filling up on good quality nutrients would allow him to finish his growth in good health, and not miss anything!

3. It is a disaster!

We are currently taking care of about 50 cats. We have also had to take in 13 cats following a seizure, which has put the association in a critical situation.

As there are no more volunteers and I have very few personal financial resources, I cannot manage all this on my own. I urgently need help to be able to feed the cats who rely on me!

Association Les Chats Libres Condom 32
32100 Condom
FR France

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