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We can't let these 190 stray cats starve!

SOS! In Restinclières, Guy has run out of stock to feed the 190 free cats who rely on him... the poor things are in danger of starving to death!
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We can't let these 190 stray cats starve!
SOS! In Restinclières, Guy has run out of stock to feed the 190 free cats who rely on him... the poor things are in danger of starving to death!

780 kg
Dry food offered

780 kg
Dry food necessary

1. In France, Guy has run out of kibble to feed the 190 street cats in his care... The poor things are in danger of starving to death!

"Our association looks after 170 street cats, spread over 14 different feeding points. We were already on the brink financially, when something happened to make the situation even worse... A new site with almost 20 additional cats was discovered!

As we have no stock of food and buy everything bit by bit, we're at an impasse... Not to mention that I've had to stop working for health reasons, so I have less income than before to devote to the cats. Without us, they'll be left to fend for themselves... We can't leave them on their own!"

2. Faced with more mouths to feed and rising prices, the association finds itself destitute!

"Between the price of kibble, which has risen by 30%, and the 20 extra mouths to feed, the situation is particularly critical. Last year, I had to put almost 12,000 euros out of my own pocket to properly care for all these cats.

My pension and that of my wife are no longer sufficient to meet the needs of the free cats, so we had to take out loans. We've also set up online fundraising campaigns and done shopping-cart operations in stores, but that's a long way from covering all the costs... If this campaign fails, we won't be able to feed them at all!"

3. Undernourished and exhausted, Indiana will not survive without kibble!​

"Indiana is a 3-year-old cat who was found outside with her kittens. The poor thing was skinny and completely exhausted! Between the lack of food and nursing her kittens, she had no energy left at all, and had even developed skin problems... So we took her to the vet, who gave her an injection of cortisone to relieve her skin problems. 

Despite all this, she's still very weak and particularly wild. We know we're going to have to put her back on site, but this decision is particularly difficult, especially considering the shortage of kibble we're facing... She won't survive without your help!"

4. Guy isn't asking for money, he just needs kibble to prevent street cats from starving.

"My wife started taking care of the cats, then I took over because she had health problems. We've been doing this for 18 years now, and had set up an association in Montpellier.

When we moved, we had to set up another association, which has only been in existence for two years. As we're still not very well known, not many people help us and we have to finance everything ourselves... we can't go on like this!"

5. Animal Webaction can deliver kibble to help the association's cats!

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Association Les Chats d'Oc
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FR France

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