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This campaign has failed... Joseph hasn't received anything. Why?

It is always a huge disappointment to see a campaign fail, it means that the concerned animals will not receive any help. Unfortunately, we can not ship incomplete campaigns.

When a campaign fails, why can't you at least deliver what has been collected ?

We want to maximize the help we are all bringing to the animals in distress. Our campaign goals are calculated to balance our storage, delivery and manufacturing costs of the offered products.

Delivering failed campaigns would generate too many costs, which would eventually lead to the bankruptcy of the website and leave all the animals that we could have helped alone...

The delivery of unfinished campaigns is also physically impossible for some products (if only 50% of a kennel is financed: we can not cut it in half).

Why can't you at least transfer the collected money to the association ?

Our activity is regulated by the french tax law, it forbides us to transfer money instead of the advertised product (article L 548-1 of the Monetary and Financial Code).

For this reason, when a campaign fails, donations are immediately refunded. If they want to, donors can send this money directly to the association.

If you can't transfer the collected money to the association, why don't you just send it to another one ?

Our activity is regulated by the french tax law, it forbides us to use the money for anything else than the original use announced in the campaign (article L 548-1).

So, unfortunately, we are not allowed to transfer donations from a campaign to another.

What happens to the free clicks assigned to a failed campaign?

Free clicks are saved before being reallocated to other campaigns (free clicks being immaterial, they are not submited to the same obligations than financial donations).


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Canned food for Joseph

Poor Joseph has injured his tail!
photo association
Canned food for Joseph
Poor Joseph has injured his tail!

This campaign failed, it won't be delivered... Collected quantities have been cancelled (payments have been transfered back and free clicks have been saved in a stock).

0 cans

256 cans

Poor Joseph has injured his tail!

1. He is injured...

Joseph is a 2-year-old stray cat who got injured on his tail. We have an antibiotic treatment to give him, but since he lives outside, it's not always easy...

2. Canned food would help him take his medication

Appetizing food would make it easier for Joseph to take his tablets and help him recover. It would also be a good way for him to get a daily energy boost and stay in shape.

3. We are caught in a vicious circle!

When some cats get better, others fall ill. It's never-ending! We currently have over thirty cats in need of our help. The food is running out quickly and soon we will have nothing left...

Association Les Mimichats
1 chemin de la Micrause
30820 Caveirac
FR France

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