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We cannot let the street cats under Hajar’s care and those at her shelter starve!

DISASTER! In Morocco, Hajar is out of kibble to feed her shelter's cats and those she cares for on the streets: they are going to starve!
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We cannot let the street cats under Hajar’s care and those at her shelter starve!
DISASTER! In Morocco, Hajar is out of kibble to feed her shelter's cats and those she cares for on the streets: they are going to starve!

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Animal Webaction visited the site 18 November 2023 and confirms the situation described below.

1. In Morocco, Hajar is almost out of kibble to feed the hundreds of cats she cares for in her shelter and on the streets. They will starve if no one intervenes!


"For a week now, I haven't had any kibble at all. I try to make up for the shortage by giving the cats at the shelter leftover food, but it's not enough. The signs of malnutrition are obvious: skinny bodies, dead eyes. The cats are losing weight, their ribs becoming visible under their dull coats.

Their weakness makes them vulnerable. Without proper kibble, they develop diseases, unable to defend themselves against infection. Tension mounts, fights break out, a sign of stress and despair. In the streets, the situation is even worse: I've been unable to make my rounds for a week! The cats are suffering, some succumbing, victims of this cruel shortage...

I witness this distress every day, and it's extremely difficult to bear. I fear the worst for these innocent creatures... Their survival depends entirely on the success of this kibble campaign!"

2. Without kibble, the risks of disease and fights among the cats soar, and Hajar fears for the most vulnerable ones!


"The shortage of kibble has begun to take a heavy toll on the health of the shelter's residents, especially the older ones. Their fragile bodies, already tested by time, are suffering from the lack of adequate nutrition. Kibbles are not a luxury, they are a vital necessity for them!

The absence of kibble also creates a tense environment. Fights become more frequent, reflecting the stress and anxiety the cats feel. This electric atmosphere makes my job even harder, especially when it comes to veterinary care. Recently rescued cats, so desperately in need of recovery, are deprived of the fundamental element for their recovery: a proper diet!

On the streets, the situation of stray cats is rapidly worsening. Their state of health is deteriorating more and more, and I observe with deep sadness that my ability to help them is diminishing every day. This food crisis has caused my stress and anxiety levels to skyrocket... Every day is a race against time to find enough food for these vulnerable creatures. Without kibble, their survival and that of the shelter is at stake!"

3. Hajar's resources are in sharp decline, affected by inflation and the lack of donations, kibble purchase has become out of reach!


"I'm facing an unprecedented crisis. General inflation has catapulted kibble prices way beyond my already tight budget. Every bag of kibble is becoming a luxury I can no longer afford! My appeals for donations on social media meet with little response. The economic crisis affecting all sectors is also affecting the generosity of my regular donors. And the lack of media visibility for my actions also limits my ability to attract additional support.

Without reliable sponsors or partnerships, it's impossible for me to ensure a stable and regular supply of kibble! Every day that goes by without kibble brings us closer to a crisis that could have even more disastrous consequences than those we're already facing... The kibble shortage isn't just a logistical problem; it's a matter of life and death for these dependent beings!"

4. Hajar isn't asking for money, only kibble to prevent the cats from starving.


"Regular kibble distributions aren't just an act of charity, they're vital. Each tour is an opportunity to observe the health of the street cats up close. It's during these moments that I create bonds of trust with them, essential for their approach and care. These interactions are not limited to food: they also enable sterilization to control the population.

Kibbles play a crucial role in preventing disease and reducing conflict between cats. For those who are ill, adequate nutrition is fundamental to their treatment and recovery. The long-term health of these animals is intrinsically linked to a regular supply of quality kibble!

Without kibble, my ability to support these cats is severely compromised. Kibbles isn't just food, it is the backbone of our daily operations, ensuring the well-being and survival of my protégés. My commitment to these cats is unwavering, but without the necessary resources, my mission is in jeopardy..."

5. Loneliness and indifference are Hajar's faithful companions in her daily fight for the voiceless.


"Every day, I come face to face with the scale of animal distress on the streets of my city. The sadness I see in the eyes of abandoned cats touches me deeply. These animals, often forgotten and neglected, rest on my shoulders, a heavy responsibility that never leaves me... This fight against animal neglect is also a path fraught with loneliness and indifference.

Despite this, I carry on, because every moment spent with these cats is an act of love and compassion. In these interactions, I create bonds of trust, essential for their well-being and recovery. These bonds enable me to approach even the most wary, to care for them and prepare them for a better life.

There are many moments of doubt. Sometimes I wonder if my solitary struggle can really make a difference. Yet every time I look into the eyes of a cat I've helped, I find the strength to carry on. My commitment to these innocent creatures is unshakeable, because I know that without my intervention, their fate would be much darker. This fight is a life choice, a promise made to every cat I meet."

6. If this campaign is successful, Hajar will not receive any money but 1100 kg of kibble, delivered from Animal Webaction's logistics platform in Morocco.

Animal Webaction has a logistical platform in Morocco, which allows us to intervene quickly and deliver kibble.

7. Campaigns launched on Animal Webaction often fail...

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When a campaign fails, Animal Webaction cannot deliver the collected products, the beneficiary receives nothing and the buyers get a refund...

8. In Morocco, donors are scarce, and there are no foundations or subsidies. It is very difficult to find funding for kibble, many cats remain starving in the street!


If you know of a foundation or NGO that could help Hajar, please invite them to contact us so that we can put them in touch with each other.

If you represent an animal welfare foundation or NGO, please help the cats who are under Hajar's care, contact us and we will put you in touch!

If you wish to meet Hajar or to send her some kibble or a cheque directly, contact her on Facebook (note: direct help is your own responsibility).

9. If you make a purchase on Animal Webaction, it will be protected by our guarantees.

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