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Blankets for Melba

Melba is infested with worms!
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Blankets for Melba
Melba is infested with worms!

287,300 cm2
blankets offered

287,300 cm2
blankets necessary

Melba is infested with worms!

1. She lives in the cold!

Melba is a 2-year-old cat who lives outdoors. Poor Melba lacks a shelter to retreat to during winter... She squeezes herself into garages as best as she can, but they are extremely cold!

2. She is infested with worms...

Sadly, Melba is rife with white worms. Her abdomen has become bloated... These parasites are draining her energy, and we simply cannot leave her in this state!

3. Some blankets would keep her warm

With a set of blankets, Melba would no longer have to lie in dirty and damp areas. She wouldn't struggle so much to preserve her body heat and could get through the winter with greater ease!

4. Financially, we are in the red!

With the price of food and veterinary fees on the rise, the situation has grown complicated on all fronts! Many cats were infested with parasites, leading us to initiate a widespread deworming campaign...

But this comes at a cost. Your help would be invaluable for us to continue feeding them and providing them with blankets!

Association Les Mimichats
1 chemin de la Micrause
30820 Caveirac
FR France

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