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Blankets for Mint

Mint almost fell prey to a dog!
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Blankets for Mint
Mint almost fell prey to a dog!

287,300 cm2
blankets offered

287,300 cm2
blankets necessary

Mint almost fell prey to a dog!

1. She was robbed of her mother by a dog...

Mint is a one-month-old kitten found on a farm. A dog had just sadly killed her mother and brothers... Poor little Mint and one of her sisters are the only survivors!

2. She is unwell!

Mint arrived with teary eyes, due to a bout of cat flu. As she's feeling under the weather, she is struggling to eat properly. So we try our best to feed her with a bottle.

3. With blankets, she could keep warm while she recovers

Deprived of her mother's warmth too young, Mint is still very vulnerable. A bundle of blankets would help to protect her from the cold and prevent her from getting even sicker.

As kittens need plenty of sleep to grow properly, a snug, cosy spot would be ideal for her to fully recover.

4. We always have more and more mouths to feed…

Although we already care for around thirty cats, new requests for help keep coming in. The recent arrival of several kittens has landed us with significant veterinary bills... Your help with providing canned food would be an immense support!

Association Les Anges de Gaïa
1 rue Thibault
62220 Carvin
FR France

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