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Pellets for Samsarah

Mistreated, Samsarah remains traumatised!
photo association
Pellets for Samsarah
Mistreated, Samsarah remains traumatised!

200 kg
Pellets offered

200 kg
Pellets necessary

Mistreated, Samsarah remains traumatised!

1. She suffered from abuse…

Samsarah is a 32-year-old mare, who was rescued from abusive conditions along with her foal. Poor Samsarah was trapped and tied in the back of a lorry, left in darkness without water or food! Traumatised by human beings, she is still extremely skittish.  

2. Joint problems hinder her mobility!

With age, Samsarah has developed arthritis. Her stiffness is so severe that she has difficulty lying down and getting back up.

3. Her teeth are in poor condition…

Samsarah's teeth have deteriorated over the years. Some of her teeth have fallen out and the others are damaged. As a result, she has difficulty chewing.

4. Moistened pellets would help her regain strength

A quality diet would aid in managing Samsarah's joint inflammation. With moistened pellets, she would have no difficulty replenishing her energy reserves, despite the condition of her teeth.

In this way, she may maintain her health, even in the cold. Living in a caring and healthy environment would gradually help her to regain confidence.

5. The horses are aging…

The horses at the association are getting older and need supplements. This requires a significant amount of money. We are managing as best we can, but times are becoming increasingly challenging…

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