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We cannot let the 214 dogs in Svetlana's starve!

SOS! In Serbia, Svetlana has almost no kibble left to feed the 214 dogs in her shelter, they are going to starve!
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We cannot let the 214 dogs in Svetlana's starve!
SOS! In Serbia, Svetlana has almost no kibble left to feed the 214 dogs in her shelter, they are going to starve!

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Animal Webaction visited the site 07 July 2024 and confirms the situation described below.

1. In Serbia, Svetlana is almost out of kibble to feed the 214 dogs in her shelter. They will starve if no one helps!


"The kibble stock is almost depleted, with only enough left to feed the 214 dogs in the shelter for the next 3 days. Every day, I reduce the portions given to the dogs a little more, hoping they can hold on until I can find more kibble, but I can't find a solution!

They haven't had enough to eat for the past 15 days: their health, behavior, and energy are all suffering. To make matters worse, I have to turn away stray or abandoned dogs that desperately need help, day after day.

The situation is critical: I can't do anything without kibble, not even continue to care for the dogs who completely rely on me to survive, and it paralyzes me! I'm scared, that's the truth. I fear I’ll have to keep turning away dogs in need, and worse, see my own dogs suffer from hunger. I sincerely hope this campaign succeeds..."

2. Without kibble, sick and injured dogs won't recover: their survival is in danger!


"I have done everything to preserve the portions of kibble for the most vulnerable dogs because I know how crucial it is for them. But I can't create kibble out of thin air, and all my efforts will be in vain when I have nothing left to give them!

Wounds won't heal, illnesses will set in and worsen, and the weakest ones won't survive a kibble shortage. I’m scared for them; I can't watch them deteriorate little by little, unable to help..."

3. Svetlana's meagre resources are depleted by the increasing costs of running the shelter, she can no longer afford to buy kibble.


"The costs of running a shelter are immense, most people don’t realize the scale of the expenses needed, whether it's for water, food, electricity, medications, etc. Unfortunately, the costs keep rising, and despite my efforts to optimize spending, I can't make up the difference. I've tried in vain to negotiate with suppliers, to get discounts, credits: prices keep going up and my resources are depleting.

It's like living in two parallel realities: on one side, I see all these dogs who rely on me, who trust me blindly, unaware of the difficulties I face, and on the other, the outside world that remains deaf to their needs. Only by bringing these two realities together can we escape this nightmare!"

4. Svetlana is not asking for money, only kibble to prevent the dogs from starving.


"For years, I have dedicated my life to protecting and saving abandoned dogs. It’s a fight that requires endless energy and unwavering determination... The loneliness can sometimes be heavy, especially when faced with desperate situations and feeling like it's you against the world, which isn't that rare.

But despite all the challenges, the animals are an incredible driving force. Every time I see a dog find a loving home, a little light shines in me. It's this spark that keeps me going. There are days when the exhaustion seems insurmountable, when the sadness of seeing so much suffering overwhelms me, but just spending a few minutes with the dogs I've saved or thinking about those who have been adopted calms me and reminds me why I fight.

I know that many depend on me, that my actions are not in vain, that every gesture can change a life. This is what gives me the strength to get up and start over, again and again."

5. If this campaign succeeds, Svetlana will not receive any money, but 2000 kg of kibble, delivered from the Animal Webaction logistics centre in Serbia.

Animal Webaction has a logistics centre in Serbia which allows us to intervene quickly and deliver kibble.

6. Campaigns launched on Animal Webaction often fail...

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When a campaign fails, Animal Webaction cannot deliver the products. The beneficiary doesn't receive anything and the buyers are refunded. 

7. In Serbia, street dogs are hunted by the State and ignored by the population, volunteers like Svetlana are their only hope.


If you know of a foundation or NGO that could help Svetlana, please invite them to contact us, so that we can put them in touch.

If you represent a foundation or an NGO for animal protection, please help Sveltana's dogs, contact us and we will put you in touch!

If you wish to go to the association's shelters to help or if you want to send her directly some kibbles or a cheque, contact Svetlana  (note: direct help is done on your own responsibility).

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