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Animal Webaction
This action succeeded, it has been delivered on the 28/02/2019, discover the delivery pictures.
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We can't let them starve to death!

In a few days, the shelter will be out of food for its 102 dogs!
photo association
We can't let them starve to death!
In a few days, the shelter will be out of food for its 102 dogs!

4,320 kg
Dry food offered

4,320 kg
Dry food necessary

In a few days, Miguel's shelter will be out of food for its 102 dogs!

In Spain, the hunting season has just ended, leading to many abandonments.

In his shelter, Miguel has already taken in many dogs, and is expecting several dozen in the coming weeks.

With no food left, and 102 dogs already waiting to be fed, Miguel is overwhelmed!

He also has to deal with the disease that has been affecting the shelter for months: a fatal parvovirus epidemic, many cases of leishmaniasis...

The city hall refused to provide him with a grant, no foundation agrees to help him: Miguel finds himself alone with huge costs he simply cannot afford.

He can only count on one association, which is going through a bad time, and is unable to buy anymore food at this stage.

To help them, we want to send 4320 kg of dry food as soon as possible.

100% transparency guaranted.


1. On February 23rd, the association's dog food stock will be over : the 102 dogs of the shelter won't have anything left to eat!

The main dog food storage has just run out. On February 21st, Miguel asked for his volunteers financial support to help him buy some kibbles. With an emergency stock of 100 kilos, they can feed the dogs for 2 more days. After that, they'll have to improvise...


2. In Spain, hunting season is over since February 1st : 10 dogs have already joined the shelter, et Miguel still expects to save several dozens of them. How is he going to feed them?

February 19th 2019, early morning: Miguel could catch this male wandering with a broken leg, since called Galileo. He bought him to the vet immediately. His neck wound is certainly due to the ripping off of his chip, which is typical of the abandoned after the hunting season...


It's been several days that Miguel has been trying to catch Meandra, a white galga wandering near Ecija since the hunting season's end...


Bobo was wandering in the fields, skeletal and with acute pancreatitis. Although Miguel rushed him to the veterinary clinic, he couldn't be saved: he died on February 17th, 2019. A rescue among many others for Miguel...


In Spain, when hunting season ends, plenty of galgos and podencos (the main breeds of dogs used by hunters) are abandoned if their owners feel they have not hunted well enough. Some of them even suffer unimaginable abuse, the hunters thereby "clearing their honor"...

For Miguel, it's the worst time of the year: each winter, he witnesses a huge wave of abandonments around him. He can't resign himself to letting them die, especially since those dogs are usually no more than three years old when thrown out.

Thanks to the French association “Celtiques lévriers et Cie”, 10 dogs have been adopted since our last collection. But within 2 weeks, Miguel has already rescued as many abandoned hunter's dogs...

As every year, the shelter will continue to fill up in the coming weeks: Miguel estimates that there are still 30 or 40 more dogs to arrive... 

Unfortunately, he has no more dog food to feed those who are already at the shelter!


3. These are only a bunch of the 102 dogs gathered at the shelter who need our help

Tanque joined the shelter 6 months ago. Miguel found him wandering through olive fields with a fracture on the back leg. After a stay in a veterinary clinic, he'snow restored, mais he has leishmaniasis, which makes him fragile.


Colmillo was picked up on the street when he was just a little puppy. He's one of the first dogs admitted in the shelter, where he still lives. What will he eat when Miguel has exhausted his stock?


Rocco was wandering in Ecija's streets in really bad shape: he had leishmaniasis at a fairly advanced stage. After keeping him heavily medicated, he's much better today, but he obviously needs to eat enough to avoid his disease somes back...



Because his master thought him a bad hunter, Lunero had to die... Luckily, Miguel managed to intervene before the galguerro executes his threat. That was 4 years ago...


4. If we don't reach the target, Miguel's 102 dogs won't receive any food

Une collecte échouée sur Animal Webaction


We are able to take action, we have already booked a truck and pallets, but we have to pay our transporter before February 26th.

If the collection fails, we will not be able to pay, the departure of the truck will be cancelled and none of the collected food will be delivered...

If the collection fails, we will refund all donors.


5. The shelter is currently facing an epidemic of leishmaniasis: Miguel is exhausted by the extra work and discouraged by the costs to be incurred

Nico is one of those many hunting dogs abandoned every year in the middle of nowhere because their masters don't need them anymore... He has leishmaniasis and needs expensive treatment to live with this disease.


Colmillo was abandoned by a galguerro at the shelter about a year ago. He had severe skin problems due to leishmaniasis. Thanks to his treatment, he's much better, but he could get worse again with any stress or weakening: he must not go hungry!


Leishmaniasis is a chronic parasitic disease very present in dogs in Spain. It can be lethal if not managed. In dogs, leishmaniasis causes skin problems, faulty kidney function and diarrhea.

Besides extra cleaning and disinfection work for Miguel, the weight of this disease is also financial: sick dogs must undergo a lifetime of therapy, and a regular medical follow-up should be provided...

If we send Miguel dog food, his expenses will be lightened and he will be able to continue taking care of sick dogs!


6. This winter, Miguel already had to fight another disease: a parvovirus outbreak has been fatal to several puppies

Those brothers, called Riri, Fifi and Loulou, have been found wandering in olive fields on last February 15th. Aged about 3 months, they are still sensitive to parvovirosis and therefore are under special supervision...


During the winter, the shelter was affected by an epidemic of canine parvovirosis, a kind of extremely contagious gastroenteritis, and very often deadly to puppies.

Several babies died because of it while they had just been taken out of the street and not even had a name yet... This disease transmitting among other things through feces, Miguel needs to pay even more attention to boxes hygiene, particularly those where he keeps puppies...



7. No subsidies, no foundation wants to intervene: the shelter only works thanks to Miguel and a French association 


Miguel asked the city council and the foundations to help him: they all refused. The city council is already subsidizing the municipal impoundment and does not want to fund a private shelter.

The financing of the shelter therefore depends only on Miguel’s personal income and the support of French association Celtiques lévriers et Cie.

But this association is also on its last legs… We are their last and only hope!


8. Overwhelmed by very large veterinary costs, the ressource association in France has no money left: she can't buy dog food!

Zoe’s adopter realized after a few months that her dog’s epilepsy made her daily life too complicated, so she brought her back to the association. A particularly violent crisis at the beginning of the year has indeed caused large veterinary costs, while the association was already facing financial difficulties...


Every month, the association Celtiques lévriers et Cie already pays half of the rent for the land where the shelter is located.

Down on its luck, it recently had to face a black series: massive arrival of cats to sterilize and vaccinate, previously adopted dogs abandoned under false pretexts and in bad shape, emergencye rescue of an epileptic dog...

"We only collect donations on our Facebook page and during store operations, but what we manage to get is largely insufficient to cover our costs", Sandrine, the vice-president of Celtiques lévriers et Cie association, explains.

Now there is no money left at all.


9. In Spain, Spanish greyhounds (or galgos) suffer terrible abuse: Miguel's shelter gives them a second chance!

In Spain, galgos are locked in the cellars of their owners and only go out to hunt.

They are beaten if their efforts are inconclusive, scarcely fed, and thrown into the street when they no longer run fast enough to win the hunting contests.

Exhausted and abused, dogs are often too weak to survive alone in nature.

Miguel welcomes them to his refuge: he heals their wounds, nourishes them, and offers them a quality of life that those dogs have never known before. Unfortunately, the care given to them is expensive: Miguel can no longer afford to buy kibbles!


10. Thanks to Miguel’s hard work, these dogs were saved

Rescued by Miguel as wandering in the fields, Cuco, Spanish water dog, was adopted last year.


Cayetana could join a foster home where she waits for her forever family.


Found skeletal and injured, suffering from leishmaniasis, Abril spent years at the shelter, where Miguel rehabilitated her. She was finally adopted last November.


After being taken care of by Miguel, Corina was able to find a loving family.


11. Miguel devotes his life to saving the galgos!

Since Early 2016, Miguel, Cambiando Miradas president, gives all his time and salary to the protection of abandoned dogs ​​​​​​.


As his full-time employment does not allow him to be present at the shelter all the time, two volunteers help with collecting donations and equipment, construction of new boxes, care and treatment of sick animals, etc.

He comes to the shelter in the morning before going to work, comes back at his lunch break, and comes back again in the evening after his long day at work!

Miguel dedicated his entire life to the animal cause. He’s very humble and usually tries to deal with his problems on his own: if today Miguel accepts our help, it is because the situation is really serious...


12. What will the 4320kg of dry food be used for ?

If the collection succeeds, the 4320kg collected will be given to the 102 dogs gathered in Miguel’s shelter.

They will also allow Miguel to go on hosting galgos abandonned after hunting season is over.


13. 100% transparency guaranteed 

- Animal Webaction has been helping more than 750 animal welfare associations over the past 4 years, with more than 1,700 deliveries in 8 countries (see photos).

- We make sure to contact each partner association, inquire to ensure its reliability and always ask for supporting documents.

​- Our partner associations only receive physical products, which means we never send money. When you offer 10kg of food, we deliver 10kg of food to the association.

- We also deal with transportation ourselves, and make sure all the products collected are properly brought where the association needs them to be, so a quick delivery is guaranteed.

- We will notify you by email as soon as the product bought thanks to your donation has been delivered.

- We will ask the association to take pictures of the food received, and will send you these pictures.

- If you change your mind, we will refund your donation upon request, without charge or proof of any kind.

- If unfortunately the collection fails, we will not deliver anything, we will refund you the full amount of your donation.

Association Cambiando Miradas
avenida de los emigrantes 22.1.3
41400 Ecija
ES Spain

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