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Animal Webaction
This action succeeded, it has been delivered on the 15/03/2019, discover the delivery pictures.
photo association

A truck full of dog food to save 170 dogs

We were at Georgiana's shelter in Romania a few days ago. The food stock is nearly empty!
photo association
A truck full of dog food to save 170 dogs
We were at Georgiana's shelter in Romania a few days ago. The food stock is nearly empty!

3,600 kg
Dry food offered

3,600 kg
Dry food necessary

We send out an SOS ! Last saturday, we were at Georgiana's shelter in Romania : the food stock is nearly over, dogs won't have anything left to eat in a few days!

Calls for donations are not working, international foundations cannot help, city hall doesn't want to pay for anything... Everyone is passing the buck to each other!

These dogs' only fault is to have been born in Romania : should they starve because of this ?

With your help, we want to send a 3,600 kg truckload of dry food to save these dogs.

Our approach is fully transparent : delivery date along with several photos will be published on our website if this collection succeeds.

Warning! If the collection fails, we won't be able to pay the truck, and will have to cancel everything : in this case the dogs wouldn't receive any food (all donors who would have participated would be reimbursed) 

To help Georgiana and her dogs, you can either donate online through our website (100% secure) or send your checks or food donations to the following address : every help matters!

Association Saving Orphaned Souls Sheila's Animal Rescue Mission
Strada uranus nr 4, sc B, Ap 16
500361 Brasov



1. We were at the shelter three days ago : the remaining food stock could be stored in a simple cupboard... On March 21st, there will be nothing left 

We went to the shelter on March 9th, Georgiana showed us the few bags of dry dog food she had left...


The shelter houses 170 dogs, who eat 2.5 tons each month: the remaining stock will be fully consumed on March 21st


Our reporter Bianca went to the shelter on March 9th, following an SOS received from Georgiana, the President of the shelter. On site, she was able to see that the remaining stock of dog dry food was dangerously depleting....

With 170 dogs to feed, Georgiana uses 2.5 tons of kibble every month, not to mention the food she has to buy in addition for the puppies she cares for. A real financial abyss, which Georgiana can no longer face "Every month, it's the same battle: food flies away as fast as it arrives" she tells us.


2. During our visit, Georgiana told us about the many dogs she's gathered in recent months: she is afflicted by so much suffering, and the shelter is full


Saved from the public shelter in February, Dumbo had a broken leg and was extremely skinny. Under great stress during his stay at the public shelter, he self-mutilated to the point where his tail had to be amputated... His recovery is only just beginning



Recently found, Pheonix suffered from very serious injuries to her front legs: it was impossible to know if an accident caused it or an act of abuse. One of the legs had to be amputated, as well as several fingers of the second one


Samira was hit by a car and simply thrown into a garbage can, probably by the perpetrator of the accident. It was a city employee who reported her presence to Georgina. Samira has since undergone surgery, but is currently unable to walk again.



Abandoned in a ditch in the hardest of winter, in a pile of snow, this mother and her two puppies remained petrified for several days before someone finally reported them to Georgiana. Unfortunately, one of the puppies had already frozen to death, but the mother and second child were rescued.



Found by the roadside a few days ago, Bella suffered from a énormous wound, uncovering half of her body. Her survival was compromised, but Bella survived the surgery. To make matters worse, she then declared parvovirus at the beginning of March: she seems to be on the right path to recovery as we write these lines


Abandoned when he was already old and totally blind, Robert fell into a frozen lake mid-February. Without a very quick intervention from Georgiana, he would not have survived


During our visit, several of the dogs recently rescued were still undergoing treatment and/or convalescence at the veterinary clinic.

When she talks about it, Georgiana does so with great emotion: "Over the past four months, I have had to recover many, many, many new dogs. I am always contacted for emergencies, and unfortunately, very difficult situations. I have seen so much suffering, and I have had to face the death of so many animals over the years..."

The anxiety and moral fatigue caused by these rescues are not the only difficulties: the medical costs are exorbitant, caring for these dogs is very demanding, and their complete recovery is difficult to guarantee in an already overcrowded shelter.


3. Georgiana told us about the sad fate of Fagaras' dogs, and the corruption she fights alone every day: for now, she is their only hope

Piled up in one-by-four-metre pens: the public shelter accommodated up to 9 dogs per box while it was still in service. The conditions in which the dogs were kept were so terrible that the health inspection services ordered its reform in the summer of 2017, subject to penalty of closure if it was not applied.


Unsterilized Males and females kept together ; bones covering the floor... For 6 years, the public shelter submitted the dogs to a living nightmare, in complete impunity: very few inhabitants knew of its existence, and no visitors were allowed to come inside


Fights regularly broke out between the dogs gathered at the public shelter, not surprisingly given the conditions of detention. This poor dog was discovered by Georgiana in a pool of blood shortly before the pound was closed.


For 10 months, the mayor of Faragas allowed Georgiana to administer the public shelter following the inspection of the veterinary services. Until he decided to close the public shelter in 2018, in favour of a partnership with the Codlea city pound. Since then, Faragas' dogs are sent there if they are caught by dogcatchers, and euthanized after 14 days if no one adopts them by then


Still resentful, Georgiana told us how, since the summer of 2018, Fagaras' dogs have been caught by dogcatchers and sent to the nearby Codlea pound. There, they are euthanized after 14 days if no one comes to save them before....

And yet, Georgiana fought for a whole year to take over the management of the Fagaras public shelter, a place kept in the shadows for 6 years, where dogs were left to die. Despite her hard work (entirely voluntary) the mayor of the city shut the pound down overnight, in favour of a partnership with Codlea's private managers. "Stray dogs bring them money, they don't want it to stop," Georgiana says.

Unable to abandon the animals to their sad fate, Georgiana adopted all the dogs from the public shelter before it was shut down, and took them to her private shelter. She is now stuck in that situation, and  has to rent both buildings from the mayor....


4. If the collection fails, the dogs won't receive anything

Une collecte échouée sur Animal Webaction

We can swing into action, we have already booked a truck and pallets for 3,600 kg of dry dog food, but we have to pay it before March 15th.

If the collection fails, we will not be able to pay, the departure of the truck will be cancelled and none of the collected food will be delivered...

If the collection fails, we will refund all donors.


5. We observed Georgiana, constantly struggling to deal with eveything at the shelter. No one wants to help her: to manage the shelter, she had to stop working. We want to help her by offering her some food for the dogs!

It is very difficult for Georgiana to find people who want to work at the shelter, whether or not they are volunteers... Today, only 2 people help her, as employees. Georgiana is constantly struggling to combine everything


During our visit, we became aware of the work required to properly care for 170 dogs: cleaning, caring, treating, feeding, taking the dogs to veterinarians, rescuing new dogs in distress... not to mention the search for funding, partners, and the promotion of dogs for adoption! 

When she started her association in 2017, Georgiana tried to combine career and volunteer work at the shelter. An impossible mission: "For a while, I kept working, but I had become a robot," she says. "Here, we have to fight for everything. It's very difficult for me, because I have to do everything on my own."

Today, her only income comes from small jobs that she finds from time to time. Most of the money she manages to put into the shelter comes from her aunt, who left for the USA: insufficient for the astronomical sums needed for the shelter, and unsustainable on the long run.


6. Other small charities support Georgiana for adoptions, but none of them can help to buy food!

"Food friday", an initiative launched by Tommi Townsend, co-founder of the English association West Yorkshire Animals in Need to help Georgiana


Georgiana is very active and collaborates with many small associations abroad, both to promote her dogs for adoption, to maximize rescues, and to make the voice of animal advocates heard (she recently spoke at the European Parliament in Brussels).

Unfortunately, financial difficulties are common to many associations, and none of them can help Georgiana to buy kibble. "We do help with trying to find homes for her rescues and we also try to help by raising awareness plus we try to raise funds for her. As a small charity we are limited in our help I'm afraid to say. I wish we could do more." says Tommi Townsend of the British association West Yorkshire Animals in Need.


7. Fagaras' vets are unwilling to work for street dogs: Georgiana has to drive 80km to treat her dogs in Brasov


Georgiana's feeling of fighting alone also comes from the fact that no vet in the city agrees to work for the survival of street dogs.

She is forced to travel tens of kilometres to Brasov, where she knows trusted veterinarians, to treat the dogs she gathers. A constraint that has already cost the life of one of the rescued dogs, who died on the way to Brasov.


8. For them and all the others we had the chance to meet, we must help Georgiana

Suffering from a spine issue, Lupusor is unable to walk. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this: he is currently undergoing treatment of the nervous system and Georgiana must perform regular re-education movements with him, hoping that he will one day recover


Daisy had a litter of 7 puppies when she was rescued: only two of them survived parvovirus. With a spinal injury, Daisy cannot be operated. Currently under treatment, she is very fragile


Rescued from a nomad camp, Musty had multiple growths all over his body: these had to be surgically removed, but some still come back sometimes...


Abused and violently thrown against a wall, Tiger was found by a group of children who reported him to Georgiana. One of his legs had to be amputated, but he is now able to move around without any problems


Blind and walking with difficulty, Ginger was found wandering the streets... He should be adopted in a few weeks, but food is essential until then for him to be strong enough to travel


Foxy was rescued with a broken leg that was totally upside down. Miraculously, her leg could be saved and surgically repaired, her recovery is still in progress


Found in the courtyard of a factory, Zuko was terrified and had multiple problems: severe ear infections, body covered with ticks, instability problems. Operated and treated, he is still fragile and needs careful care


Just saved from euthanasia, Oscar suffers from an untreated fracture to his right front leg. Too old, the fracture can no longer be repaired: Oscar will have to spend his entire life like this, or else be amputated


9. For them, Georgiana makes a big difference


Rescued by Georgiana 7 months ago, Iancu had a gunshot wound, as well as several injuries related to a car accident. He required heavy care for a while, but he has recovered completely, and is waiting for a family to adopt him.


Grivei braveheart was only a few months old when he was found by Georgiana: terribly abused, he clung to life, but had lost his nose and his entire upper jaw. He survived successful surgeries, and was incredibly well cared for by Georgiana for a while, he has since been adopted


Street dog found emaciated, with many skin problems, and extremely cold in the middle of winter, Victor was rescued and now lives with his new family in the United Kingdom


Abandoned at the public shelter because she could no longer walk, Luisa suffered from several hernias and heart problems. She would not have survived more than a few days at the pound.... Thanks to Georgiana, she now lives in a sanctuary in France, adapted to her needs


For Angie, life at the public shelter was very hard to endure, and she spent her days with her head through the bars, hoping to get out... Which she did, thanks to Georgiana and Angie's adoptive family


10. The dreadful public shelters of Romania

A pile of dead dogs outside of a Romanian pound...


Dog hunters, commonly known as "Dogcatchers", receive money for each dog captured. This perverse system encourages them to pick up as many dogs as possible, regardless of whether they have owners or not...

Once the animals are in their premises, they no longer bring any money, and must therefore disappear as soon as possible to free up some space for the next ones. The luckiest of them are euthanized, the others starve to death, crammed into their enclosure in complete indifference...


11. Georgiana put her life on hold to save Fagaras' dogs, and she will not give up

Georgiana worshipped by her rescued dogs


Her shelter in Fagaras only dates back to 2017, but her commitment to animal protection has lasted many more years. Georgiana's love for the dogs in her shelter is visible to the naked eye, and emanates from each of the interactions we observed during our visit.

Still, there are many sacrifices implied, and the daily life is very difficult for Georgiana: 

"My life is a mess, I have no family, I have nothing, my life is dedicated to dogs. I work very hard. I could have had "a good life", but I refused, and I don't regret anything, I'm happy with them."

Combative and optimistic, Georgiana impressed us with her moral strength: 

"You can of course be discouraged, think that nothing changes, but if I didn't do what I do, there would be three times more dogs on the streets. And I met fantastic people, which is essential in the face of all this suffering: otherwise, it is possible to reach a point where you no longer believe in the human being."


12. What will the 3600 kg of dry food be used for?

If the collection succeeds, the 3600 kg of dry dog food will be given to the 170 dogs gathered at Geaorgiana's shelter.


13. 100% transparency guaranteed

- Animal Webaction has been helping more than 750 animal welfare associations over the past 4 years, with more than 1,700 deliveries in 8 countries (see photos).

- We make sure to contact each partner association, inquire to ensure its reliability and always ask for supporting documents.

​- Our partner associations only receive physical products, which means we never send money. When you offer 10kg of food, we deliver 10kg of food to the association.

- We also deal with transportation ourselves, and make sure all the products collected are properly brought where the association needs them to be, so a quick delivery is guaranteed.

- We will notify you by email as soon as the product bought thanks to your donation has been delivered.

- We will ask the association to take pictures of the food received, and will send you these pictures.

- If you change your mind, we will refund your donation upon request, without charge or proof of any kind.

- If unfortunately the collection fails, we will not deliver anything, we will refund you the full amount of your donation.

Association Asociatia Saving Orphaned Souls Sheila's Animal Rescue Mission
Strada uranus nr 4, sc B, Ap 16
500361 Brasov
RO Romania

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