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Animal Webaction
This campaign succeeded, it has been delivered on the 14/05/2019, discover the delivery pictures.
photo association

A truck full of kibble for a shelter in Macedonia

Abandoned by their kibbles supplier, the 219 dogs living in this Macedonian shelter will die of hunger!
photo association
A truck full of kibble for a shelter in Macedonia
Abandoned by their kibbles supplier, the 219 dogs living in this Macedonian shelter will die of hunger!

3,000 kg
Dry food offered

3,000 kg
Dry food necessary

Donate with trust: Animal Webaction has been on site and checked the truthfulness of everything presented in the campaign.

Abandoned by their kibbles supplier, the 219 dogs living in this Macedonian shelter will die of hunger!


Following an SOS, we hurried to Maggie's shelter in Macedonia (Eastern Europe) on April 11th.

For several weeks, the food supplier has refused to send food for the shelter, which is in too much debt.

This is a disaster! There has been no dog food for several days, dogs only survive thanks to some donated bread, but they are hungry!

The shelter hasn't been able to feed street dogs for a month already.

Maggie does everything she can so get through this, she calls for help by all means, on social networks and in the local paper, but no donation comes through.

Dogs will starve to death: Maggie begs us to prevent this, nor the city hall nor the other foundations want to come into action, we are her last hope!

From our logistic platform in Macedonia, we want to send 3 000 kgs of kibble as soon as possible to save these 219 dogs!

100% transparency guaranteed.


1. We went to the shelter a few days ago: there is no longer dog food. Despite a call for help in the local paper, no donations are being received...

With several thousand euros in debt, the association has not been able to buy food for several days now... The situation is such that even the local press in Macedonia has reported the distress of the shelter and its volunteers. Unfortunately, only a few restaurant remnants could be gathered thanks to this



Emaciated and weakened, Finch also suffered from parvovirus when he was found: too weak, he did not survive it



Following multiple calls for help from the association and its guarantors, we went to the shelter on April 11th. On the spot, we found an empty food storage room, transformed into a reception area for a new resident...



The shelter cannot get a stock of any food, they all live day to day.... When we came, we were unable to photograph any food: all the bowls had already been completely emptied by the hungry dogs, and the association had no stock whatsoever



Our caseworker Dejan during his visit on April 11th


For the past 4 weeks, the association has been unable to feed the street dogs it used to feed, in parallel with those in the shelter. Like Lord and Lucky, several dozen street dogs have to manage on their own...



Made aware of the difficulties encountered by the shelter, both by the SOS launched by its volunteers and by those of the guarantors, we went to the site on April 11th.

We found no trace of any food: since the beginning of the month, the dogs have only been living on the remains of bread collected from local shops. The quantities are random and the whole not very nutritious: the dogs are hungry! 

Worse, the street dogs that the volunteers feed every day have now been left to their own devices for 4 weeks: the association no longer has any food to give them! 



2. The association is heavily indebted to its food supplier: he refuses to deliver kibbles until the debt is repaid!

A call for help launched on April 15th by Saving Macedonian Strays, the British association that supports the shelter. To date, the debt still stands at nearly €2000, despite calls for help since the end of March


For several months now, the association has been struggling to pay its bills to the kibble supplier: "We have reached this point because donations have decreased, while costs have increased," said Maggie, President of the association.

Today, the debt is so high that the supplier refuses to deliver again until it has been repaid.... An inextricable situation: the association does not have the means to repay its debt, but this supplier is nevertheless the only solution for it to continue to buy food, the others are far too expensive! 



3. The shelter only hosts weakened dogs, who cannot survive on the street. Still, rescues have been increasing: the shelter is full and the funds completely exhausted

Belcho was discovered bleeding in the middle of the street in March: severely abused, he suffered various mutilations and was still terrified... the intervention of a veterinarian to anesthetize him was necessary to be able to capture and treat him



Rock was hit by a train only a few days ago... his injuries are multiple and extremely serious. One of his legs had to be amputated, the veterinarian is doing his best to allow him to recover from this accident


Bambi was reported after being subjected to extreme abuse: workers had fun cutting her paws in mechanical machines... The efforts of the volunteers, and the costs incurred for her care, allowed her to recover physically


Reported at the same time as Bambi, Toula also suffered abuse: in a bad shape when she was rescued, she suffered injuries to her eyes and neck


Womble was seen listless in the street, with large wounds to his mouth a few weeks ago. Surgery and many medical treatments were necessary to heal his injuries, and compensate for his general weakness. Womble is still recovering


Found on a pile of trash, Bobo's body was covered with wounds, and was so weak that he no longer even tried to move...


Over the past three months, 98 new dogs have been rescued by the association, all of them having one thing in common: their condition did not allow them to survive on the street alone.

Initially planned to house 170 dogs, the shelter now has 219! Adoptions are made, but are going too slow compared to the needs of dogs in distress on the streets.

The costs of treating and curing rescued dogs are huge, and sometimes long-term: "We have around 25 animals that need constant medical treatment (including chronic demodex, heartworm, leish non active, tvt Tumors, etc )"



4. Despite all these efforts, several dogs have died in recent weeks. Volunteers are exhausted and terribly worried, they need our help


When Bracket was found in an abandoned house, he was barely able to stand: he died the next day


Run over by a car, Panda was screaming in pain on the side of the road when the volunteers intervened, in total indifference.... Despite an urgent intervention, he did not survive his injuries


Despite the stress and sadness, volunteers fight every day to move forward, and bring as much affection as possible to the dogs in the shelter


Of the 98 dogs rescued over the last three months, 12 died: an extremely difficult thing to live for the volunteers involved... The current lack of food is yet another burden to bear for them : 

"All of us are really devoted to give our dogs the best possible care and not having enough food makes things really harder for us. When we say not enough food we mean maybe next week we won’t be able to feed our dogs. Lack of food results in illnesses, and we can not really even take any more dogs because we won’t be able to feed them, therefore we are not giving them better life that the one they have on the streets."


5. If we don't reach the target, dogs won't receive any food

A failed collection on Animal Webaction


We can come into action, we have already booked a truck and pallets, but we have to pay it before the 22/04.

If the collection fails, we will not be able to pay, the departure of the truck will be cancelled and none of the collected kibbles will be delivered...

If the collection fails, we will refund all donors.



6. Calls for help on social networks, from the local press, to local bakeries... volunteers and their guarantors are doing everything they can, but without success

The association has attempted to raise funds to repay part of its current debt.... Unfortunately, it did not even collect half of the targeted amount, which was already far from the total due to the supplier....


Since the end of March, Maggie, the President of the association has been trying by all means to get help for food.


Yet another SOS to get help for food


Seeing her debts get higher and higher, Maggie tried by various means to make more people aware of the situation, and encourage others to help them. The guarantors in Germany and the United Kingdom have done the same.

Unfortunately, these measures are still insufficient and have not so far made it possible to repay the current debt: dogs currently survive only thanks to a few bakery donations... But for how long?

"We desperately need food for the dogs. We literally need every little help we can get" says Maggie.


7. They survived the worst, we cannot let them starve to death

Terribly abused, Trpana was weak and had a gaping wound in her head when she was found. Without the shelter, she would not be here today


Now 7 months old, Lino only had three when the volunteers took him out of the street to take him to the shelter


Shenka was a tiny puppy, wandering alone in the streets when she was rescued and brought to the shelter.


Oskar had been hit by a car and left abandoned when the volunteers intervened. They took care of everything, but worry about not being able to feed him tomorrow


Hit by a car, Seka suffers from a broken paw, she is still recovering at the shelter


Abandoned on a busy road with 4 other puppies, probably from the same litter, Basile was taken to the shelter


Fenix was found on the highway, totally disoriented, with a very advanced scabies


Without the shelter, Azdra would have been euthanized two years ago when she was only one year old ...


8. In Macedonia, stray dogs are suffering from the atrocities of not only the State but of the locals as well...

Street dogs are regularly poisoned by municipalities across the country ... Too numerous, they are primarily considered a nuisance and exterminated by waves


Unfortunately, street dogs also have to fear acts of abuse, just as common as impunity


With an estimated population of 1 million stray dogs, Macedonia regularly carries out massive extermination campaigns to "clean the streets", at least temporarily. Particularly violent, the last national campaign conducted in 2017 had led to many protests including internationally. The favorite method remains poisoning, which leads to a slow agony (sometimes for several days) of affected dogs.

Beyond national measures, the treatment of dogs at smaller scales is also very difficult. Many municipalities practice poisoning on their own, and the inhabitants themselves are often hostile to street dogs. Conducted with impunity, acts of cruelty carried by individuals are numerous (acts of torture, strangulation, abandon wild ... etc) and unpunished.



9. Revolted, Maggie and other volunteers struggle to save Macedonian dogs


Despite her youth, Maggie founded the association 5 years ago, and managed it for almost as long. Food, medical care, exchanges with the municipality and other institutions, requests for funding, sponsorship, complaints to the municipal police ... Her actions have brought together many actors on the spot in Macedonia, but also abroad in German and British associations. Maggie tries to reconcile the management of the association with her studies, her work, but also her family life: she welcomed her first child a few months ago.

"Sometimes, we feel that no matter what we do, it is never enough. But when I think about what we have achieved in 5 years, the number of animals we have saved, the number of consciousnesses we have awakened, the number of people who know our actions now, it gives me back my strength."


10. What will the collected food be used for?

If this collection succeeds, the 3 000 kg of kibbles will be used to feed the 219 dogs of the shelter, as well as the dogs of the streets.


Ancre11. 100% transparency guaranteed

- Animal Webaction has been helping more than 833 animal welfare associations over the past 5 years, with more than 1,967 deliveries in 8 countries (see photos).

- We make sure to contact each partner association, inquire to ensure its reliability and always ask for supporting documents.

​- Our partner associations only receive physical products, which means we never send money. When you offer 10kg of food, we deliver 10kg of food to the association.

- We also deal with transportation ourselves, and make sure all the products collected are properly brought where the association needs them to be, so a quick delivery is guaranteed.

- We will notify you by email as soon as the product bought thanks to your donation has been delivered.

- We will ask the association to take pictures of the food received, and will send you these pictures.

- If you change your mind, we will refund your donation upon request, without charge or proof of any kind.

- If unfortunately the collection fails, we will not deliver anything, we will refund you the full amount of your donation.



Association Здружение за заштита на животните “Гласот на животните“ Велес
8 Mart 19
1400 Veles
MK Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of

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