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Animal Webaction
This action succeeded, it has been delivered on the 27/06/2019, discover the delivery pictures.
photo association
Picture taken by Animal Webaction on the saturday 8 june 2019

A truckload of kibble to save the Moroccan dogs!

This Moroccan shelter has no food left for its 708 dogs, they will starve to death!
photo association
Picture taken by Animal Webaction on the saturday 8 june 2019
A truckload of kibble to save the Moroccan dogs!
This Moroccan shelter has no food left for its 708 dogs, they will starve to death!

5,000 kg
Dry food offered

5,000 kg
Dry food necessary

Donate with trust: Animal Webaction has been on site and checked the truthfulness of everything presented in the action.

Michele has no more food for her shelter, 708 dogs will starve to death! 

Following Michèle's SOS, we went to the shelter on June 8th.

There were only a few bags of kibble left then, which have since been consumed.

Michèle used to mix bread and water with the dry food to make it last longer, but this made the dogs sick, and cannot be done anymore ! 

Every day, nearly 200 kg of kibble must be provided to feed all the dogs. 

Without subsidies or regular help from other associations, Michèle can no longer cope, she begs us to help her.

Rejected from all sides, these dogs have nowhere to go: the shelter is their only hope.

We want to help them, by sending 5000 kg of kibble as a matter of urgency.

100% transparency guaranteed.


1. The shelter is out of food for its 708 dogs: they will starve to death!

All the dogs at the shelter have a common past: a life on the street, and for many, a life of deprivation. Their recovery is difficult, and many are not in a condition to face malnourishment again!


The shelter still hosts about fifteen puppies and several nursing females, all of whom are particularly fragile. Parvovirus has already caused havoc with puppies in the past, Michèle does everything she can to preserve them. But it will be in vain if she doesn't find any kibbles!


For now, Arum is still suffering from a skin disease that is difficult to control. His immune system is weak and his body frail, Arum needs more time and a good diet to recover


Street dog before he was taken to the shelter, Helias suffered from a skin disease he struggles to get rid of


Spark had both front legs severed and broken when he was found, a big infection had developped... 15 days would have passed between his accident and the volunteers' intervention! One leg had to be amputated, the shelter is trying to save the second one but this is not yet guaranteed


Former street dog, Jasko has scabies and is unable to heal. This weakens his entire immune system, Jasko must be kept away from other dogs


With sticker sarcoma, a type of sexually transmitted cancer, Vana must undergo chemotherapy to heal. An extremely expensive care for the shelter, and a very weakening condition for Vana


Discovered in a souk with an open fracture and a cut leg, Diego had to be amputated, and was placed in the shelter. His disability makes him weaker in the eyes of other dogs


Houba was tied in a district of Agadir, with a cut leg and apparent bone without anyone helping him... Unfortunately, his leg had to be amputated: Houba is vulnerable and afraid


Ikara is only two to three years old, but it is difficult to realize it when you see him because he is so damaged by his life on the street. He suffers from a skin disease and generalized weakness, which he has difficulty fighting


Gadgi is not suffering from any illness thanks to the care provided at the shelter, but is damaged by life on the street and the deprivations she has experienced. Weakened, she will not be able to resist the lack of kibble


Ally is still just a young three-year-old dog, but she bears the marks of the difficult life she has known so far, and has not had time to recover


When he arrived, Raisin had many wounds all over his body, but their cause remains unknown. Some of his wounds have not yet healed, particularly on his snout and back, and Raisin's body is generally weakened


The stock of kibbles we photographed during our visit was completely consumed.... On June 17th, Michèle, Founder of the shelter told us "We no longer have any kibbles. I don't really know what to do."


Following the SOS of Michèle, Founder of the shelter and the association, we went to the site on June 8th. The stock of kibbles we photographed at the shelter is already exhausted.

When we asked Michèle for a new stock status on June 17th, she informed us that all the kibbles had been consumed... "We're out of kibble. I don't really know what to do," she told us.

Last February, the Animal Webaction community got together to send 5000 kg of kibble to the shelter to save its hundreds of residents: we must help them again ! 



2. Michele can no longer mix dog food with bread and water as she used to, since it makes the dogs sick

For many months, the shelter prepared a mixture of water-soaked stale bread, barley flour and kibbles. This combination allowed them to use less dog food, and reduce the costs, while preventing hunger among the dogs. But the hot season is here: the heat makes this mixture turn bad very quickly, leading to severe diarrhea...


The shelter now needs 6 tons of kibble every month so that all the dogs can eat enough, a huge budget for Michèle...


For many months, Michèle managed to minimize expenses by mixing dry dog food with stale bread, bought at a lower cost, and barley flour (to limit diarrhea). Mixed with water, this combination allowed dogs to eat their fill, while limiting digestion issues.

But this mixture doesn't hold the heat, and makes the dogs sick! Michèle had to stop using this solution, and now needs to give dry food only...

The shelter now has to find 6 tons of kibbles every month, an unsustainable budget for Michèle, who begs us to help her.



3. Without food, dogs will start killing each other again

Attacked by the other dogs at the shelter last summer, Nino (formerly Enzo) fortunately survived. But he was among the lucky ones : several dozen deaths were reported last year, before our intervention, at the height of the food shortage....


Twist was also attacked by his fellow dogs during the last food shortage. Michèle took him into her home to heal, as his recovery at the shelter was impossible


With 708 dogs hosted, and few separations existing at the shelter, it is impossible to avoid fights altogether... hunger increases the aggressivity of the dogs, leading to more serious and frequent accidents


To limit the most serious accidents, the small dogs (there are about 80 of them in the shelter) were separated from the rest of the pack by makeshift separations


Last year, the shortage of food broke out even as dozens of new dogs were brought to the shelter every day. The fights were then daily and some had dramatic consequences: several dogs did not survive.

Not without difficulty, Michèle has managed to stabilize the situation, but if a new shortage rages, the fighting will resume. At the shelter, the dogs do not have a pen, but are kept in packs of 30 to 100 individuals: a small confrontation can very quickly become out of control



4. If we do not reach the target, dogs won't receive any food

A failed collection on Animal Webaction



We can take action, we have already booked a truck and pallets, but we have to pay it before June 25th.

If the collection fails, we will not be able to pay, the departure of the truck will be cancelled and none of the collected kibbles will be delivered...

If the collection fails, we will refund all donors.



5. Kicked off the streets overnight, these dogs owe their survival to Michèle only

Overnight, dogs were no longer tolerated by local authorities: municipal officers brought dogs by truckloads for months to the shelter, at Michele's request, to prevent them from being killed....



The shelter was set up as an extreme emergency in April 2018, when local authorities in the region stopped tolerating street dogs. Bound to the association Le Coeur sur la patte by convention (Editor's note: originally established as part of a spaying/neutering program), the municipality of Agadir did not slaughter dogs like the adjoining municipalities. 

However, as the dogs had to leave the streets, the commune hired agents to catch them and bring them to the association, leaving Michèle to deal with them on her own. The association, which at the time had only one dispensary that could accommodate 80 dogs, found itself with the load of more than 500 dogs in just 2 weeks, gradually reaching the 708 currently hosted....

"Thanks to the municipality of Agadir, we had begun a spaying and vaccination program to eradicate rabies and fight against canine overpopulation. This program unfortunately was interrupted, so we had 2 solutions : to either leave our dogs get killed, or to bring them back. And I asked for them to be brought back. That's why we had a dog tsunami, and that's why we ended up with a shelter of 750 dogs," said Michèle, founder of the association, last February.



6. The shelter does not even have running water: 1200 litres are needed every day

For months, Michèle has been desperately looking for a new land that can accommodate the hundreds of dogs in the shelter, in vain. Very precarious, the current site is only a rental, and does not have any adapted infrastructure


The land does not have running water, the water must be bought and delivered once every two weeks... Here again, a considerable budget, which increases with the hot season



With the heat, everyone tries to hide from the sun as much as they can: the shaded areas are reduced on site...


New protections have recently been built to provide shelter for all, but this is another burden for the association's budget


Found in a hurry, the land that houses the shelter has an undeniable advantage, that of being able to accommodate all the dogs. But it is only a rental, which does not have any infrastructure adapted to the reception of so many dogs...

Michèle is desperate to find another field, but the constraints are strong, and she is unable to do so despite her extensive research.

Without running water, nearly 20,000 litres of water must be transported by truck every two weeks to supply the dogs with water! 



7. Without subsidies, and without any regular support from other associations, Michèle must manage on her own

Everything now lies on Michèle: "At the end of the month I don't know how to pay everything. What I did was a bit

For 15 months now, Michèle has been doing everything possible to feed and care for the dogs in the shelter, but has so far not been able to find any regular help.

While some international associations intervened last year for one-off assistance, the funding of the shelter on an ongoing basis is only possible thanks to the help of a few individuals, and the money invested by Michèle herself.

The subsidy provided by the municipality of Agadir for a while has ceased to exist, since the shelter left Agadir and stopped gathering new dogs. Everything now lies on Michèle: "At the end of the month I don't know how to pay everything. What I did was a bit crazy"



8. Rejected and murdered, Moroccan street dogs live on probation

For two years, the city of Agadir conducted a spay and neuter program with the association Le Coeur sur la Patte, aimed at containing the population of street dogs. But in April 2018, with no warning, the program was abandoned, and slaughter resumed...


Millie was the 1000th dog spayed by the association, before the authorities ended the program


With an estimated population of around 2 million street dogs, Morocco has been carrying out mass slaughter operations at regular intervals for decades.

Dogs are poisoned with strychnine, or shot with a gun, usually in the spring: before the arrival of tourists, or any other important international event.

However, sterilisation programs have already been carried out in some Moroccan cities: unfortunately, they have so far always been abandoned, as their results take too long to be seen.

A situation encountered in Agadir itself, where the Trap Neuter Release program was ended by local authorities in April 2018, after 2 years of existence... Today, new programs have been launched, in Tanger for instance, but slaughter is still practiced in many places across the country.



9. No one wants these dogs: what will happen to them if the shelter can no longer feed them?

Brought to the shelter to spare them from the slaughters on the street, these dogs have no other solution. What will happen to them without food ?


Dropped in this situation, Michèle faces it, but is aware that it is far from ideal: "I am not happy that my dogs are locked up, I am not happy that we do not have a land to settle them better, and I am not happy about what is happening in Agadir, that the dogs are captured, locked in bad conditions or killed," she explained during our visit.

But she is also aware that, as it stands, the shelter is the only option for all these dogs: still not tolerated on the streets, strays are slaughtered or locked up in bad conditions. Michèle must find kibbles to prevent them from this fate : 

"It's very important... I'm having trouble with the shelter charges right now... so the collection is very important to us," she says.



10. Michèle does the impossible for these dogs

Michèle (left) accompanied our agent Khadija during the visit, and fights every day for hundreds of animals


Adopting dogs from Morocco is difficult, but Michèle is holding on: Carmencita is one of the last dogs who got adopted, and joined her family in Germany


Found wounded and very thin in Marrakesh, Cosette was care for by Michèle, who treated her and rehabilitated her until her adoption


Rescued after an accident, Anabelle underwent surgery and treatments for many months before being adopted in Switzerland


Rescued by Michèle, Lollika was adopted in Switzerland


Former street dog, Nanouk rescued by Michèle before being adopted in Germany


Born in Morocco, Michèle has never been able to stand the poisoning and slaughter of street dogs across the country. In 2011, she founded the association Le Coeur sur la Patte. Its objective: to develop a spay and neuter program to contain the population of street dogs in Morocco. She started the program in Agadir in 2016, with more than 1000 dogs sterilized, vaccinated and released before April 2018.

Driven by the hope that the program could be resumed quickly following the slaughter order, she took the necessary steps to save as many dogs as she could in the meantime. "We have wonderful dogs in front of the door who are just waiting to live, we have no right to slaughter them," she said.

While 708 dogs are now accommodated at the shelter, she also hosts an additional 110 dogs as well as other animals in her home. A commitment that cost her her marriage, and occupies her entire life:

"Moroccan dogs are absolutely wonderful: you give them a piece of bread, they love you forever. I get up in the morning at 5:00, I start cleaning. I live barricaded, it's a lot of work. I love them and I get my energy from them, but I never get a second's rest."


11. Thanks to our platform in Morocco, we can take action rapidly ! 

If the collection is successful, the dry food will leave directly from our logistics center in Morocco. We can therefore act very quickly, and help Michèle and her 708 dogs to have kibbles! 



12. What will the 5000 kg collected be used for ? 

This collection is organized by the association Le Coeur sur la Patte. The 5000 kilos of kibble collected will be delivered to Michèle to feed the 708 dogs hosted at the shelter.



13. 100% transparency guaranteed

- Animal Webaction has been helping more than 833 animal welfare associations over the past 5 years, with more than 1,967 deliveries in 8 countries (see photos).

- We make sure to contact each partner association, inquire to ensure its reliability and always ask for supporting documents.

​- Our partner associations only receive physical products, which means we never send money. When you offer 10kg of food, we deliver 10kg of food to the association.

- We also deal with transportation ourselves, and make sure all the products collected are properly brought where the association needs them to be, so a quick delivery is guaranteed.

- We will notify you by email as soon as the product bought thanks to your donation has been delivered.

- We will ask the association to take pictures of the food received, and will send you these pictures.

- The payment of donations is 100% secured by Paypal (no obligation to have a Paypal account), and by credit card.

- If you change your mind, we will refund your donation upon request, without charge or proof of any kind.

- If unfortunately the collection fails, we will not deliver anything, we will refund you the full amount of your donation.

Association Association Le Cœur sur la Patte
Avenue Général Kettani
80000 Agadir
MA Morocco

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