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Animal Webaction
This campaign succeeded, it has been delivered on the 17/08/2019, discover the delivery pictures.
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A truckload of kibbles to save 103 dogs in Serbia!

In Serbia, this shelter is out of kibble, its 103 dogs will starve to death!
photo association
A truckload of kibbles to save 103 dogs in Serbia!
In Serbia, this shelter is out of kibble, its 103 dogs will starve to death!

2,400 kg
Dry food offered

2,400 kg
Dry food necessary

Donate with trust: Animal Webaction has been on site and checked the truthfulness of everything presented in the campaign.

In Serbia, this shelter is out of kibble, its 103 dogs will starve to death!

Following an SOS we received we went on the spot on July 31, the same day a terrible tragedy occurred: 70 dogs were discovered, most of them died.

Danijela and Jovica no longer have any food to feed the survivors, they are desperate.

Overwhelmed by medical expenses, they beg us to help them.

Their shelter now hosts 103 dogs, many of them disabled or sick.

We would like to send 2400 kg of kibble as a matter of urgency.

100% transparency guaranteed



1. About 70 dogs have just been found in critical condition, many of them have already died... Danijela is struggling to save the survivors but she has no kibbles to feed them!

Nearly 70 dogs were found abandoned in the mountains near Kraljevo in early August, an isolated place without water or food... Danijela and many others are convinced that this is an act of the dogcatchers, who seek to get rid of captured dogs in the shadows


Dozens of dogs were already dead when they were discovered. For days, the association and the pound have been joining forces to rescue those who are still alive


"He isn't sleeping, he's dead," Danijela said on the networks shortly after his discovery, wishing to awaken minds to put an end to these situations


Still alive when she was found, Mila unfortunately survived only for a few days after being rescued....


For days, Danijela has been oscillating between sadness and anger...


A petition has been launched by another association in support of Danijela, to publicize these crimes and put an end to them


On the very day of our visit, nearly 70 dogs were found following a report received by the association, in the mountains near the shelter. A very isolated and rocky area, without water or food, in which the dogs were deliberately abandoned.... "It's scary. So much sadness, so many dead ... Horror" sums up Danijela, who was very upset during our visit.

Danijela and many others are convinced that the private company, employed by the state to capture street dogs, is at the origin of this tragedy. Normally supposed to trap, neuter and vaccinate dogs before releasing them, the company's dogcatchers have always been suspected of killing dogs, with corruption as a background.

Danijela and Jovica are doing their best to keep them alive, and find places to host those they cannot accommodate, but they already had no kibbles before this tragedy, and they don't know how to get by ! 



2. Their condition is still critical, the coming weeks will be decisive for them, they need kibble

About fifteen dogs still alive have already been rescued, others are still on the spot: the volunteers are struggling to catch them as they are so frightened! Terrified, they are also very weakened, several of them did not survive after being rescued


Many of the survivors are only a few months old. The deprivations they have experienced so far put their lives in danger, they need care and food


Kika is one of the youngest puppies found on site, still alive. But her survival is still compromised at this stage....


Very young, these four puppies have not yet been named, but Danijela has taken care of deworming them, giving them serum, and having them tested to make sure they are not suffering from any disease


Subject to extreme deprivation and trauma, the survivors are all very weak and hungry, many of them only a few months old.

"Many of the survivors have not contracted any viruses so far, but they are all terrified, they scream as soon as we touch them. We have dewormed and treated them. Now we pray that everything is okay because they are going through a critical period, explains Danijela.

We must support them by sending kibble! 



3. The kibble stock is already used up, Danijela and Jovica are frantic

During our visit on July 31, there were only 120 kg of kibbles left at the shelter, everything has since been consumed!


Daniejla and Jovica cannot renew the stock, and live day by day.... "Here is the food for today" Danijela told us on August 6, "Chicken back and 2 bags of kibbles" 


Our agent Aleksandra (centre) went on site on July 31 "They were really stressed", she told us as soon as she returned, her visit having been considerably impacted by the discovery of the mountain dogs the same day


At the end of July, the situation was already critical at the shelter: "Can you help us somehow, we have nearly no food left, we don't know what to do", Jovica told us on July 22.

We went there as quickly as possible, on July 31, to see there were only 120 kg of kibbles left at the shelter.

"We don't have much support, people think we're crazy for doing what we do. Only a small number of people are supporting and helping us. We alone cannot finance everything ourselves"



4. More than 100 dogs are hosted at the shelter, sick or disabled, none of them can survive without kibbles

Paralyzed following a spinal fracture, Gejm was supposed to be euthanized, before being rescued by Jovica. Under treatment, she is assisted every day by Jovica for her rehabilitation


Havana was hit by a car and was seriously injured in her hind legs, which had started to turn gangrenous... Taken care of by the association, she is still in convalescence, care for by Jovica


Wandering with a tumour of more than 10 kg, Srecko was rescued by Danijela. Surgery and chemotherapy were necessary to allow him to heal, but left him vulnerable


Prince was found in the wilderness, after having both his hind legs cut off by a train. Very seriously injured and suffering, he was treated by Jovica who taught him to move again


Beli was only three months old when he was found on the street, with a serious leg injury. Young and still under treatment, he is particularly fragile


Lora was extremely thin when she was found in early July. She has since regained some weight, but suffers from anaplasmosis and dirofilariasis, two parasitic diseases that are difficult to cure, for which she is still undergoing treatment


Captured by the dogcatchers, Danijela was thrown into a pound from which the volunteers had great difficulty getting her out. Skeletal and with an infection, her condition has since improved, but she remains fragile



Danijela and Jovica mainly rescue dogs affected by diseases or injuries, who can no longer stay on the street. Jovica takes particular care of handicapped dogs, and provides them with physical therapy, while Danijela focuses on sick dogs.

Still in care or recovering, all these dogs are vulnerable! 



5. If we don't reach the target, dogs won't receive any food

A failed collection on Animal Webaction


We can take action, we have already booked a truck and pallets, but we have to pay it before August 12th.

If the collection fails, we will not be able to pay, the departure of the truck will be cancelled and none of the collected kibbles will be delivered...

If the collection fails, we will refund all donors.



6. Over-indebted by medical expenses, the association cannot buy kibble

The association had to handle the tests and care of dozens of puppies in recent weeks....


Emaciated and frightened, Pia was brought to the clinic as soon as she was rescued. Her wound in one eye could not be repaired because her retina was destroyed, but Pia was treated, vaccinated and sterilized


Unable to walk when he was found, Pavle suffered from various injuries, hunger and parasites. All treatments were provided to allow him to recover


Having been in difficulty for several months, the association has never hosted so many dogs: there were only 76 dogs during our last collection in January...

Because they only rescue suffering dogs, they face very high medical costs: "We have a lot of debt for treating dogs, so this food issue is endless to us" Danijela explained.



7. They cannot count on the town hall, who already allocates a very small budget to the municipal pound

The municipal pound accommodates about a hundred dogs, twice as many as its maximum capacity... the budget allocated to it by the town hall is minimal


Overwhelmed, Danijela knocked on all doors, including that of the city's mayor: "After months of pleading, they helped witg 180 euros in all and for all," she explained.

This is not surprising, given that the budget allocated to the municipal pound is already extremely low: "They have that bad food, they have nothing but those bad granules that are pure corn and they don't have any medicine so I bring them. The granules are horrible to them, and big dogs have diarrhea from it, and puppies just." Danijela tells us.

In addition to the 103 dogs in her own shelter, she also provides food to the dogs in the pound, provides their medical care as soon as possible, and regularly takes care of taking the dogs out....


8. A small French association supports Danijela and Jovica, but cannot afford to buy kibbles

From France, the association Les Gloutons-garous does its utmost to support Danijela and Jovica in their fight. But it is not big enough to meet the needs of the 103 dogs welcomed!

"I sent a few kilos via my carrier, it's not much" said its president a few days ago, asking us to intervene as well. At Danijela's request, the association has been sharing for several months the adoptable dogs hosted at the shelter as much as it can, in the hope that the number of dogs hosted may decrease again....


9. Danijela and Jovica, ready to sacrifice everything for the dogs' survival






Both volunteers of the association, Danijela and Jovica are constantly juggling between their activities to take care of Kralejevo's dogs. President of the Spaske association for 6 years, Danijela is also a municipal employee, and a mother; Jovica has spent most of his time with Spaske's dogs for 3 years, which prevents him from having a stable job, and forces him to live at his parents' house.

"People here in Serbia don’t care about animals. They treat animals as if they were not living beings. That’s what hurts the most, we can’t do everything by ourselves. People here don't understand how important sterilisation is. For them is easier just to throw the dogs away and don't care what would happen with them
and who would take care of them.


10. In Serbia, 100,000 street dogs are hunted down by dogcatchers to be killed or trapped in mouroirs pounds

It is estimated that Serbia has about 100,000 stray dogs. Private companies were commissioned in 2012 to capture these dogs: their dogcatchers (the name given to the employees responsible for the capture) have been operating throughout the country since then.

Receiving bonuses for each dog captured, dogcatchers hunt dogs relentlessly, and use extremely violent capture techniques. Many dogs are killed, the others end up crammed into mouroir pounds, without care or food.

Volunteers believe that their actions, in addition to being cruel, do not have a beneficial impact on the volume of stray dogs in the country. Worse still, they greatly undermine the beneficial actions that have existed until now: the subsidies allocated since 2007 as part of a vast national sterilization program have been drastically cut, despite encouraging results when they were carried out....



11. What will the 2400 kilos of kibble be used for ?

This collection is organized by the Spaske association, chaired by Danijela. The 2400 kg of kibbles collected will be delivered to Daniela and Jovica to feed the 103 dogs of the shelter


12. 100% transparency guaranteed

- Animal Webaction has been helping more than 833 animal welfare associations over the past 5 years, with more than 1,967 deliveries in 8 countries (see photos).

- We make sure to contact each partner association, inquire to ensure its reliability and always ask for supporting documents.

​- Our partner associations only receive physical products, which means we never send money. When you offer 10kg of food, we deliver 10kg of food to the association.

- We also deal with transportation ourselves, and make sure all the products collected are properly brought where the association needs them to be, so a quick delivery is guaranteed.

- We will notify you by email as soon as the product bought thanks to your donation has been delivered.

- We will ask the association to take pictures of the food received, and will send you these pictures.

- The payment of donations is 100% secured by Paypal (no obligation to have a Paypal account), and by credit card.

- If you change your mind, we will refund your donation upon request, without charge or proof of any kind.

- If unfortunately the collection fails, we will not deliver anything, we will refund you the full amount of your donation.


Association Društvo za zaštitu životinja Spaske
Milana Toplice 15ć
36000 Kraljevo
RS Serbia

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