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Picture taken by Animal Webaction on the saturday 14 september 2019

A truckload of kibble to save 700 dogs from Bosnia !

In Bosnia, this shelter has no more food for its 700 dogs, we want to save them!
photo association
Picture taken by Animal Webaction on the saturday 14 september 2019
A truckload of kibble to save 700 dogs from Bosnia !
In Bosnia, this shelter has no more food for its 700 dogs, we want to save them!

4,320 kg
Dry food offered

4,320 kg
Dry food necessary

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Animal Webaction visited the site 14 September 2019 and confirms the situation described below.

In Bosnia, this shelter has no more food for its 700 dogs, we want to save them! 

We were there on September 13th, there was no kibble left.

Fights break out between the dogs, the situation is critical.

Faced with ever-increasing debts, no supplier wants to deliver kibble anymore.

Calls for help are not working, Bojan's supporters have already done all they could.

Bojan is doing everything possible to avoid the worst, but external help is now vital.

We would like to send 4320 kg of kibble as a matter of urgency.

100% transparency guaranteed.



1. At the shelter, 700 dogs are out of kibble, the situation is desperate !

On the day of our visit, Bojan launched a new cry for help, in the hope of being able to buy a few bags until a more long term solution is found


Our agent Selmir, on site on September 13, was forced to photograph empty pallets instead of the kibble stock, as the bags had been consumed until the last one


With more than 700 dogs at the shelter, the balance is precarious, and fights break out. "there have been a number of deaths due to fights, and Bojan has been doing all he can to prevent this" explained Sandra Jensen, one of Bojan's loyal supporter.


"They only have few individual boxes for dogs, majority of the dogs is kept in group boxes. The dogs that are most vulnerable are kept outside, Bojan tries to keep them separated from the rest of the dogs so they don't get attacked by other dogs" explained our agent Selmir after his visit


Barely 1 year old, Quetza was injured in an attack by other dogs, and must now be kept away for her own safety


More than 700 dogs are now hosted at the shelter, and more than 6000 kg of kibbles are needed each month to feed them.

But the last kibbles were eaten on September 12, and Bojan has no way of ordering a new stock of food... "Often, due to food shortages, the dogs don't receive any food. If we don't have enough food to feed the dogs they become aggressive and fight againts each other" he explained during our visit.

Some individual donations allowed him to buy in small quantities following our visit in order to delay the worst, but the situation is critical and time is running out, the dogs need kibbles!



2. Suppliers refuse to deliver kibble because there are too many unpaid invoices

Over the months, debts have continued to increase.... Although they have been accommodating, suppliers cannot maintain this situation forever



For months now, it has become impossible for Bojan to meet the cost of food, so he buys on credit. But debts are constantly accumulating, and Bojan is now facing a 5-month delay in payment, a situation that none of its suppliers can accept anymore ! 

"The things are very difficult since we run a massive shelter and the food costs exceed 6000 Euros a month. We really need all the help we can get. every new order means I have to make some payment for the old debt" Bojan explains.



3. Calls for help are not working, Bojan no longer knows how to get out of it

One of the last detailed calls for help posted by Bojan this month. If he has not done any more in recent days, it is not because the situation is improving "It is simply impossible for me to be online", he told us on September 20


Although he anticipated the current crisis, Bojan's multiple calls for help did not resolve the situation



Online appeals, multiple calls for help on the social networks, Bojan has been fighting for months to solve the shelter's financial difficulties. But it isn't enough, neither to avoid having to buy on credit, nor to be able to repay it.

The debt is so high that it has become impossible to rectify the situation without external assistance, our intervention is crucial to allow the shelter to survive.



4. They need our help

Only 1 year old, Prisca arrived at the shelter just a few days ago, with her litter of five puppies


Mitsi is only six months old, and suffers from the canine flu which makes her more vulnerable, kibbles are essential for her


Having contracted distemper, Aby suffers from neurological disorders that she will probably keep for life. More fragile, she must be kept away from other dogs in order to remain safe


Seriously wounded after being beaten with a fork, Zora owes her survival to the shelter and all the treatments provided by Bojan


Victim of an eye injury, Floyd had to have surgery, and his eye was removed. He has been living at the shelter for 2 years.


Found skinny and weak only 6 months ago, Juven is still fragile today and will not survive a shortage of kibble


Ina has only been in the shelter for 5 months, and is barely recovering from the malnutrition she has already experienced, as well as from the skin disease she had when she arrived


Abandoned very recently, Rambo is one of the most recently arrived at the shelter, and has not yet had time to adjust to it


At the shelter for 1 year, Hibis still suffers from a skin disease for which she receives treatment, but is one of the most vulnerable


Skinny and injured when he was rescued, Maks has been at the shelter for 2 years. He is currently suffering from a skin infection, and remains under surveillance



5. If we don't reach the target, dogs won't receive any food

A failed collection on Animal Webaction


We can take action, we have already booked a truck and pallets, but we have to pay it before September 27th.

If the collection fails, we will not be able to pay, the departure of the truck will be cancelled and none of the collected kibbles will be delivered...

If the collection fails, we will refund all donors.



6. Without the shelter, all these dogs are condemned to certain death

By agreeing that his shelter would take care of all stray dogs in more than 10 surrounding communes, Bojan saved hundreds of dogs from the euthanasia that would have been waiting for them in pounds. And that will await them again if the shelter has to shut down!


To put an end to euthanasia practiced in the pound, Bojan made an agreement with the town hall, and is now committed to ensuring the management of street dogs throughout the entire region. The shelter has therefore been confronted with a massive and continuous influx of dogs for months, whose reception he cannot refuse: "The amount of dogs has been steadily increasing over the last year. We receive up to 20 new dogs per month" Bojan explains.

The municipality provides only a very meagre financial contribution, which is not even sufficient to cover the rent it charges Bojan to occupy the land.... 

"I know that this shelter is not perfect place for the dogs. But, with so many abandonned dogs in the area, this place is their only home and only this place can save them from certain death" Bojan told us, eaten away by worry.



7. The association Mattie's Dream was on site in August, she asks us to help the shelter

From Belgium, the association Mattie's Dream supports the shelter to the maximum of its capacities. Help with the adoption of dogs, appeals for the benefit of the shelter, visits to bring medicines or equipment....

Its members were at the shelter just a few weeks ago, during the month of August, and remain impressed with Bojan's dedication: "Bojan does the impossible there to get everything done".

The association also supports several other shelters, and has only limited resources, they cannot do more at this stage for the shelter ! 



8. Bojan gives all his time and money to save the shelter, but that's not enough



First involved as a simple volunteer in the city's old pound, Bojan tried as best he could to soothe the daily lives of abandoned dogs, but without having control over the management carried out. Tormented by the terrible conditions in which the dogs were held, he fought to set up his own shelter, and to make it replace the pounds: a project that was both very ambitious and very difficult to carry out.

Despite his commitment to the shelter and the load it represents on a daily basis, Bojan also carries out missions in IT, which allows him to survive, and to support the shelter financially as much as possible. A very intense rhythm, totally exhausting, and which is no longer enough today to keep his project afloat: 

"I started helping and feeding dogs in the old shelter in Prnjavor. I did this because I love dogs. Ever since I've been giving my best to provide the best care for the dogs. Together we can make this shelter a better home for hundreds of dogs"



9. In Bosnia, dogs are illegally tortured and killed

Bojan's shelter is located in the north of Bosnia


A petition launched in September 2019, reporting illegal practices in and around Sarajevo


In 1995, when the war in Bosnia ended, the streets were full of stray dogs: the crisis and famine no longer allowed the inhabitants to support them... A dark period then began for the street dogs that had massively proliferated: harassment, torture and painfull mass slaughters became the daily lot of abandoned dogs.

In 2009, in order to stop such a massacre, the government enforced a law prohibiting the capture and murder of dogs in pounds without prior veterinary opinion. 

While some people felt that this law tasted like victory, the lure of profit led some private pounds to charge the government for the purchase of phantom equipment.

Today, pounds catch, torture and kill stray dogs illegally in order to collect state subsidies. Corruption is not reported in the media, and private shelters try to save dogs that slip through the nets of illegal pounds...


10. What will the 4320 kilos collected be used for ?

This collection is organized by the association Mattie's Dream, for the benefit of Bojan's shelter. The 4320 kg of kibbles collected will be delivered to Bojan to feed the 700 dogs in the shelter.


11. 100% transparency guaranteed

- Animal Webaction has been helping more than 833 animal welfare associations over the past 5 years, with more than 1,967 deliveries in 8 countries (see photos).

- We make sure to contact each partner association, inquire to ensure its reliability and always ask for supporting documents.

​- Our partner associations only receive physical products, which means we never send money. When you offer 10kg of food, we deliver 10kg of food to the association.

- We also deal with transportation ourselves, and make sure all the products collected are properly brought where the association needs them to be, so a quick delivery is guaranteed.

- We will notify you by email as soon as the product bought thanks to your donation has been delivered.

- We will ask the association to take pictures of the food received, and will send you these pictures.

- The payment of donations is 100% secured by Paypal (no obligation to have a Paypal account), and by credit card.

- If you change your mind, we will refund your donation upon request, without charge or proof of any kind.

- If unfortunately the collection fails, we will not deliver anything, we will refund you the full amount of your donation.

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