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Animal Webaction
Picture taken by Animal Webaction on the Thursday 03 October 2019 photo association

A truckload of kibble to save the Serbian dogs !

In Serbia, Ivana has no more kibbles for abandoned dogs, they will starve to death!
Picture taken by Animal Webaction on the thursday 03 october 2019 photo association
A truckload of kibble to save the Serbian dogs !
In Serbia, Ivana has no more kibbles for abandoned dogs, they will starve to death!

1,800 kg
of dry food offered

1,800 kg
of dry food necessary

Donate with trust: Animal Webaction has been on site and checked the truthfulness of everything presented in the collection.

In Serbia, Ivana has no more kibbles for abandoned dogs, they will starve to death! 

Following the SOS of two French associations, we went on the spot on October 3rd.

Ivana has just rescued 21 puppies in critical condition, her resources are at their lowest.

At the shelter and on the streets, 90 dogs depend on her for food, but Ivana can no longer buy kibble.

Her calls for help are not working, she is terribly worried.

We would like to send 1800 kg of kibble as a matter of urgency.

100% transparency guaranteed.


1. Ivana just discovered 21 puppies, thrown in the garbage dump to die.... Several of them have died, the survivors are demanding a lot of resources

On September 18, 21 puppies from a few days old to 1.5 months old were discovered at a landfill site. It was already too late for two of them, but the volunteers took 19 puppies with them


During our visit on October 3rd, we met the surviving puppies. Unfortunately, many were already weak and have since died: cold, malnutrition and parasites had already done too much damage


Mrva was already very weak when we came, and died a few days later, despite the meticulous care provided by the volunteers


The youngest are kept in improvised incubators. Ivana handles them with care, always taking care to wear gloves so as not to infect them with viruses


Only adapted milk can save the youngest, which represents a significant budget


The oldest ones must be kept indoors, and also need special food to survive


Ivana sent calls for help, but it was imperative to intervene immediately. She and a few volunteers have therefore organized themselves to take care of all the puppies, and afford their care


On September 18, 21 puppies were discovered abandoned in a garbage dump. Aged from a few days to 1.5 months, they had no chance of surviving alone in these conditions, some had already died. They were underweight, infested with parasites, and the youngest ones suffered from hypothermia.

Because it was imperative to act quickly, Ivana and a handful of volunteers took care of all the puppies, who were far too weak to be housed in the shelter. Improvised incubators, bottle feeding, tailor-made care: everything possible is being done, but despite their efforts, 9 puppies died in the space of 2 weeks.

A real challenge for Ivana and the volunteers, which draws most of their physical, moral and financial resources ! 


2. At the shelter and on the streets, 90 dogs depend on Ivana to eat, but the kibble stock is used up, and she can no longer buy any more

On October 3rd, our agent Filip accompanied Ivana to the shelter, to meet the street dogs, but also to the abandoned house which allows her to shelter more dogs. Altogether, 90 dogs now depend on the food brought by Ivana


When we visited the shelter, only 12 kg of food remained for all the dogs.... Without the resources to order large quantities, Ivana is forced to live from day to day, and gets into debt every day a little more....


The debt for food is already over 300€. Only one shop now agrees to sell to Ivana on credit, in small quantities, but this will not last long!


To date, Ivana and the few volunteers who support her finance more than 90% of the continuous food costs from their own salaries. A very significant sum, which is constantly increasing, as rescues are carried out and new street dogs appear, in ever-growing numbers.

"They are in desperate need of food beacuse they can’t afford it all by themselves, also the food they have is of very low quality but that’s the most they can afford" our agent Filip explained when he returned from the shelter.

If dogs are not starving, it is only due to the ever-increasing debt for food, which is already over 300€: the only store that now agrees to sell on credit will soon stop it if Ivana fails to pay...


3. Ivana can no longer rescue street dogs, and will soon no longer be able to feed them either

Despite her calls for help, Ivana could not find anyone to take care of this young puppy, who suffers from a broken leg: "He is still on the street", she lamented on October 8


Faced with a new litter of very young puppies that she is unable to host, Ivana launched new SOS only a few days ago


"Someone asked me if I could take this puppy because it freezes on the street, but I can't" Ivana explained to us on October 8


During our visit, we met Belka, a street dog recently released by the dogcatchers. She already seemed weakened, but Ivana could not take her in.... She has since discovered that Belka has distemper, and handles  her vet cares


Faced with a lack of resources and a growing number of dependent dogs, Ivana has no choice but to stop the rescues... "At the moment we rescue extremely urgent cases, since we already have a huge number of dogs taken to safety, and money for food and bills we can hardly raise." Ivana explains.

Located in an area dedicated to mining, the village sees the number of street dogs increase constantly as new mines appear, evicting the inhabitants and encouraging abandonment. "There are many street dogs here, and they are treated badly" Filip sums up.

With no food or resources, Ivana now has to leave them on the street! 



4. At the main shelter and in makeshift ones, Ivana shelters more than 50 dogs, they also need kibbles!

More than 40 dogs are now hosted at the shelter, which has reached its full capacity


Because the shelter can no longer accommodate any dogs, some are being kept in an abandoned house, which Ivana also visits every day


Affected by distemper when she was rescued, Suncica must now follow a life-long treatment, and is weakened


Abandoned by her master who could no longer care for her when she became disabled, Zujka was saved by the shelter, and has no chance of survival if Ivana can no longer care for her


Found in the cemetery with a seriously injured leg, Juliette has only been in the shelter for a few months, and still needs surgery


The number of dependent dogs has never been so large, no less than 50 dogs are housed in the shelter and in an abandoned house... They have no other source of food than that provided by the volunteers, and cannot go back on the street!



5. If we don't reach the target, dogs won't receive any food

A failed collection on Animal Webaction


We can take action, we have already booked a truck and pallets, but we have to pay it before October 13th.

If the collection fails, we will not be able to pay, the departure of the truck will be cancelled and none of the collected kibbles will be delivered...

If the collection fails, we will refund all donors.



6. Ivana's calls for help are not working, she is terribly worried about the coming winter





"Right now I feel worried. There are several problems. Winter is coming, dogs need food that is of better quality which will provide them with more energy in order to warm themselves during the winter. Also, during winter there is always a greater number of abandoned sick or injured who need help and it’s much harder to look after them then." explained Ivana.



7. The two small French associations that support Ivana are overwhelmed, they united to request our help

Our visit to Ivana follows a joint SOS sent by two small French associations: Les Gloutons-Garous and Une médaille à ton collier.

Both of them have been working with Ivana for a long time, and are doing their utmost to help her, but they are overwhelmed by the ever-increasing number of dogs and the costs to be covered.

The President of Les Gloutons-Garous already went on the spot at the end of September, and has helped as much as she can, especially with puppy costs, but she can't do more...


8. We want to help them


Captured by the dogcatchers, Beca was spayed before being put back on the street. But he was then very thin, weak and suffered from pneumonia which he would not have survived without Ivana's intervention


Former street dog, Brka lived there with his brothers and sisters until they were all shot. Brka is the only survivor, Ivana took him to the shelter to prevent him from suffering the same fate


Dylan was wandering in the middle of vehicles and was totally confused when he was found, now 2 months ago


Mila is one of 21 puppies found at the end of September. Skinny, hypothermic and infested with worms, she was in critical condition at the time, but her prognosis is good today if Ivana manages to feed her enough


Tied by a rope at the cemetery, Zika was found after probably a long time: the rope had penetrated his flesh, and the wound had become infected. Healed, he now only bears the scars of that bad time


Stela was only rescued three months ago. Affected by distemper, skinny and suffering from terrible wounds on her back, she is still fragile and under treatment


Rescued as a puppy, with his sister, Ivica survived thanks to the care provided at the shelter


9. Ivana fights with the hope that there will be no more street dogs




Ivana has always been committed to the animal cause and has learned to juggle her commitment with her professional/personal life a long time ago. However, this has become a real challenge to be met every day, with the number of abandoned dogs constantly increasing.

"When it comes to family and friends I can barely spend any time with them. Sacrifices are great. My social life is not going very well since I doesn’t have enough time to spend with my family and friends. Beside working for 8 hours, I need an hour to get to my workplace and then an additional hour to come back home. Leaving me with enough time to sleep and watch over the animals" she regrets.

Ivana continues to hope that one day there will be no more street dogs, thanks in particular to sterilization campaigns.



10. In Serbia, 100,000 street dogs are hunted down by dogcatchers to be killed or trapped in killing pounds

Ivana's Shelter is located in northwest Serbia


It is estimated that Serbia has about 100,000 stray dogs. Private companies were commissioned in 2012 to capture these dogs: their dogcatchers (the name given to the employees responsible for the capture) have been operating throughout the country since then.

Receiving bonuses for each dog captured, dogcatchers hunt dogs relentlessly, and use extremely violent capture techniques. Many dogs are killed, the others end up crammed into killing pounds, without care or food.

Volunteers believe that their actions, in addition to being cruel, do not have a beneficial impact on the volume of stray dogs in the country. Worse still, they greatly undermine the beneficial actions that have existed until now: the subsidies allocated since 2007 as part of a vast national sterilization program have been drastically cut, despite encouraging results when they were carried out....



11. What will the 1800 kg collected be used for ?

This collection is organized by the French association Les Gloutons-garous, for the dogs taken care of by Ivana on the streets and in shelters. The 1800 kg of kibble collected will be delivered to Ivana to feed those 90 dogs.


12. 100% transparency guaranteed

- Animal Webaction has been helping more than 833 animal welfare associations over the past 5 years, with more than 1,967 deliveries in 8 countries (see photos).

- We make sure to contact each partner association, inquire to ensure its reliability and always ask for supporting documents.

​- Our partner associations only receive physical products, which means we never send money. When you offer 10kg of food, we deliver 10kg of food to the association.

- We also deal with transportation ourselves, and make sure all the products collected are properly brought where the association needs them to be, so a quick delivery is guaranteed.

- We will notify you by email as soon as the product bought thanks to your donation has been delivered.

- We will ask the association to take pictures of the food received, and will send you these pictures.

- The payment of donations is 100% secured by Paypal (no obligation to have a Paypal account), and by credit card.

- If you change your mind, we will refund your donation upon request, without charge or proof of any kind.

- If unfortunately the collection fails, we will not deliver anything, we will refund you the full amount of your donation.

Association Les Gloutons-Garous
15 A, rue Brémontier
76100 Rouen
FR France

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