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Picture taken by Animal Webaction on the saturday 28 december 2019

Let's save 120 dogs in Morocco from starvation!

EMERGENCY! This shelter no longer has kibble to feed its 120 dogs, they will starve.
photo association
Picture taken by Animal Webaction on the saturday 28 december 2019
Let's save 120 dogs in Morocco from starvation!
EMERGENCY! This shelter no longer has kibble to feed its 120 dogs, they will starve.

5,000 kg
Dry food offered

5,000 kg
Dry food necessary

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Animal Webaction visited the site 28 December 2019 and confirms the situation described below.

If this collection fails, Animal Webaction cannot be held responsible for the deaths of dogs caused by a lack of food.

1) In Morocco, Anas and Mira no longer have kibble to feed their 120 dogs. Here are some of the dogs that will starve if nobody does anything!

"Lots of people bring us dogs in terrible condition, and promise to bring back kibbles every month. Unfortunately, the majority only bring us a bag and never come back ... We can't afford to feed all the dogs on our own " Anas told us, distraught ...


2) The 120 dogs welcomes at the shelter live within packs, when there are no more kibble, the dominant ones will kill the weakest, it is a natural phenomenon that is observed in the case of starvation.


"Dogs are calmer when their stomachs are full. We have already had complaints from neighbors because when dogs are hungry, they are annoyed and bark a lot ... We want to prevent them from becoming aggressive with each other!" explains Anas.


3) Poor Scoubidou is already suffering from the cold, his condition is very worrying, no doubt he will be the first to die of hunger in the absence of kibble ...


"Scoubidou was going to starve when we saved him from the pound of Casablanca, we fed him and treated him against scabies. Today, as he is old and fragile, cold and hunger are likely to kill him ... " worries Anas who would like to spare the lives of all the dogs gathered at the shelter.


4) The couple finance 80% of the shelter's expenses on their own, they cant' buy kibbles, they can't even spay and neuter the dogs anymore...


"We are very afraid that the dogs won't get enough to eat. All of our money is spent on the shelter, and we will continue to fight to save the dogs, no matter what. Even if we only have bread to offer them, I would do my best to find it ... " Anas told us, desperate not to be able to offer kibble to the 120 dogs at the shelter.


5) Anas and Mira are not asking for money, only kibbles to save their dogs' lives! This collection is their last hope ...


"I am only happy and relieved when I know that the dogs have eaten enough, then my mind is quieter and I know that they are not likely to die of hunger" said Anas, concerned about the health of his dogs.


6) If this collection succeeds, Anas and Mira will receive no money, but 5000 kilos of Animal Webaction kibble. This food will be used to feed the 120 dogs at their shelter, they will be saved!

Animal Webaction has a logistics platform in Morocco, as soon as the collection is successful, the kibble will be delivered to Anas and Mira's shelter.


7) However, if the goal of the collection is not reached, the collection will fail, and the dogs will not receive any kibble: this happens regularly on Animal Webaction ...

When a collection fails, Animal Webaction cannot purchase the products, the collection is not delivered and all donors are reimbursed.


8) Last time they asked for help, the aims were not reached... They already started to ration their dogs, if this kibble collection fails, they won't be able to save them!

"We are not feeling well. Too much work for two people. We never rest, and our life has not been normal for years because there is no one to help us. We can't even afford to buy new clothes ... " says Anas, exhausted by the pace of life he undergoes to save the lives of his dogs.


9) In Morocco, there are no donors, no Moroccan foundation and no subsidies ... Under these conditions it is very difficult to find funding for kibble, many dogs remain hungry on the street.

  • If you want to help Anas and Mira's dogs, you can make a donation to this collection to offer them the kibble they need.
  • If you know a foundation or NGO that would agree to help Anas and Mira, please invite them to contact us so that we can put them in touch.
  • If you are an animal welfare organization, please help Anas and Mira's dogs, they deserve it, contact us and we will put you in touch!
  • If you want to visit Anas and Mira's shelter or send them money or kibble, contact Anas and Mira via Facebook (this kind of direct help will be happening under your own responsibility).


10) Each is protected by Animal Webaction's guarantees.

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