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Rescue 170 dogs from Morocco

DISASTER! Anas and Mira don't have any more kibble to feed their 170 dogs, they will starve to death!
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Rescue 170 dogs from Morocco
DISASTER! Anas and Mira don't have any more kibble to feed their 170 dogs, they will starve to death!

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4,000 kg
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Animal Webaction visited the site 30 May 2020 and confirms the situation described below.

1. In Morocco, Anas and Mira have no kibble left to feed their growing number of dogs. If no one takes action, their 170 dogs will starve!

"At the moment we have around 170 dogs at the shelter, including puppies. We also feed many street dogs outside our shelter and on the road: around 70 street dogs altogether.

Lockdown has had a big financial and mental impact on our action. First of all, we've rescued many more dogs than usual, and the cost of kibble is a lot higher...We cannot buy any more. Every morning, we look for bread or chicken leftovers in farms or anything to feed our dogs...We have no kibble left!

Before the crisis, people used to donate a bag of kibble or two from time to time. But now, people cannot move between towns, so they've stopped donating. If we don’t receive support from Animal WebAction... nobody is going to provide that support. Please don't forget us!"

2. Anas and Mira have already had to stop taking in new dogs, they're dying on the street. If they don't find kibble, Anas and Mira will have to close the shelter. What will become of their 170 dogs?


"We can no longer afford to buy kibble for our dogs, they are already skinnier due to the lack of food... If we do not find a solution soon, we 're afraid we'll even have to close the shelter altogether... In fact, we've already had to stop rescuing new dogs from the streets...

Here, dogs are considered like viruses. People don’t like them, they harm them in all sort of ways: they poison them, run them over with their cars. An animal in the street is in serious danger because people are not educated to kindly deal with animals.

The most essential thing for our dogs is to be protected and fed. We spend the whole day looking for food, in vain. We cannot continue without support, we can't let our dogs die of hunger and we don't want to release them. Our situation is desperate, we need help!"

3. Rescued a month ago in terrible shape, Boby is still extremely frail and vulnerable. He won't survive without kibble!


"Boby was hit by a rock on his head in El Jadida. He is blind from one eye because of the damage that the rock has caused.

People took pictures of him in a lake drinking water in that awful condition, so we rescued him and brought him to the shelter.

We are doing our best to care for him but he is still in a recovery state and very fragile. A lack of food would mean he won’t be able to fully recover or survive on his own, if we ever had to close the shelter..."

4. Anas and Mira are taking care of the dogs alone. Despite all their efforts, they've reached their limits - they can no longer buy kibble!


"We’re a small association of only two people looking after a huge number of animals. We do not have the same financial means as others as we do not receive any help from the government...We spend our own money to care for our dogs.

The lack of money is preventing us from extending our action, such as, taking in more dogs. Because when we bring a dog, there are many things to consider: their medicine, their vaccine, spaying and neutering....All of this is very costly. We need help!"

5. Anas and Mira aren't asking for money, only kibble to keep their dogs from starving!


“Establishing a shelter in Morocco is very harsh. Your whole life is devoted to animals, but the issue is that you do not receive support like animal associations in other parts of the world.

People here say that they prefer to donate money towards human beings, not dogs. For them, dogs are like bugs. They are like something unnecessary. 

Handicapped dogs on the streets are left to die, nobody cares to help. Injured donkeys on the streets experience the same fate. We're exhausted..."

6. If this campaign is successful, Anas and Mira will not receive any money but  4000 kg of kibble will be delivered to them from the Animal Webaction logistic platform in Morocco.

Animal Webaction has a logistic platform in Morocco, still active despite the confinement, which allows us to intervene quickly and deliver kibbles.

7. Anas and Mira have tried multiple appeals for donations, in vain. This is their last call for help!

"With the lockdown, most people are forced to stay home and have stopped working. Few people have managed to help us but unfortunately, it is never enough to cover the needs of all dogs.

We're sacrificing our health and time for our dogs, sometimes we spend the whole day looking for food, about to get insane. 

If we do not receive help now, we will probably be forced to quit everything...Please help us"

8. Actions launched on Animal Webaction often fail. 

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When a campaign fails, Animal Webaction cannot deliver the products. The organizer doesn't receive anything and the buyers are refunded. 

9. In Morocco, donors are scarce, and there are no foundations or subsidies . It is very difficult to find funding for kibbles, many dogs remain starving on the street!

If you know of a foundation or NGO that could help Anas and Mira, please invite them to contact us so that we can put them in touch.

If you represent an animal protection foundation or NGO, please help Anas' and Mira's dogs, contact us and we will put you in touch!

If you want to come to Ana's and Mira's shelter or if you want to send them directly some kibbles or a check, contact them via Facebook (note: direct help is under your own responsibility).

10. If you make a purchase on Animal Webaction, it will be protected by our guarantees.​​​​​

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