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Kibble for SOS 350 chats des rues !

Catastrophe! The 350 street cats of Miramas will soon starve!
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Kibble for SOS 350 chats des rues !
Catastrophe! The 350 street cats of Miramas will soon starve!

1,080 kg
Dry food offered

1,080 kg
Dry food necessary

1. In France, Isabelle has no kibble left to feed the 350 street cats she cares for... The poor things are going to starve!

"Together with the volunteers of our association, we feed 350 street cats around Miramas. There are a total of 60 different sites at which stray cats rely on us.

Unfortunately, our stock is now empty! Volunteers try to buy food for the cats with their own money, but it is becoming more and more complicated, as our budget is not extensible.

We are the only ones feeding the cats in this area. Without kibble, their health would dramatically deteriorate, and they would end up starving to death... We urgently need help!"

2. With kittens pouring in and 45 cats suddenly left without their owners, the number of fosters is fast increasing. But the association can no longer feed them all...

"Lately, our situation has become even worse because of the birth season. More and more pregnant cats and abandoned kittens are being reported to us. We have already taken in a dozen kittens!

In addition, we have had to take in 45 new cats at once, following the death of their two owners. Between food, medical care, identification, and sterilisation, the costs are colossal!"

3. Weakened by an illness and a handicap, Beauté will not survive without kibble...

"Beauty is a cat of about five years, who is handicapped from birth. The poor girl has a rear leg that is unusable, which considerably hampers her daily life: she has difficulty moving around and climbing, especially as she lives on a building site where there are many dangers.

On top of that, she suffers from chronic coryza: her eyes are purulent and she has a runny nose... Kibble is vital to help her regain her strength! On her own, she will not be able to find food. Her condition will then deteriorate considerably, and she will not survive for long... "

4. Donations are becoming scarce due to the pandemic. The association no longer has enough money to pay for the veterinary expenses that keep accumulating!

"With the decrease in donations, we are starting to feel the effects of the crisis. At the same time, veterinary costs are piling up. Our bills already amount to about 3000 euros!

We absolutely have to continue providing care for the sick cats and sterilising and identifying the new ones we take in. Without this, we are heading straight for disaster!"

5. Isabelle is not asking for money, but for kibble to feed the stray cats in need.

"I have been active for the animal cause for ten years. Every day, I spend at least three hours taking care of cats in need. Sometimes it can take me whole afternoons... But I can't stand by and do nothing when there are animals that live in misery!"

6. Animal Webaction can deliver food to help the cats of the association!

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Association Ecole du Chat des Alpilles Comité de Défense des Bêtes Libres de nos Cités
Maison de l’Inovation et du Partage
rue Albert Camus
13140 Miramas
FR France
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