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Kibble for SOS 250 chats des rues !

Catastrophe! The 250 street cats of Port-Saint-Louis will starve if we fail to intervene!
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Kibble for SOS 250 chats des rues !
Catastrophe! The 250 street cats of Port-Saint-Louis will starve if we fail to intervene!

1,080 kg
Dry food offered

1,080 kg
Dry food necessary

1. In France, Catherine can no longer feed the 250 free cats that need her help… The poor cats risk starving to death!

“My association has been looking after about 250 street cats for several years. We have worked hard to have them all sterilised and identified. Nonetheless, despite our work, the situation has become increasingly complicated over the past year.

The health and economic crisis has had a severe impact on us. At present we have no kibble supply whatsoever… To tell you the truth, we have been using our own private money to feed the cats for a good while now.

Whenever we could afford it, we would buy them cheap kibble. But food for 250 cats represents about 200 euros a week! Unfortunately, we don't have that kind of money... The situation is no longer sustainable!

We are at a dead end: without us the cats will have nothing to eat. If we don't come and feed them, they risk dying of hunger… We can't let that happen.”

2. Still weakened by cancer surgery, Boulette will not survive without kibble…

“Boulette is a 12-year-old free cat who underwent surgery for cancer three weeks ago. The vet had to remove a 2.3-in. tumour on his neck! We then kept Boulette in convalescence for 5 days. But we soon had to release him in his usual outdoor living space, as he is somewhat fearful and would not have stood being kept indoors any longer.

Today, his health is still rather fragile. His body is tired and he still has to recover from the operation. Boulette therefore needs to regain strength regularly. Without kibble, his condition is likely to deteriorate and he won't make it!”

3. People can no longer afford to donate, veterinary bills are piling up... The association will not make it without help!

“This is a difficult time for everyone. We are seeing a big drop in donations and memberships. Many people have lost their jobs and can no longer help associations. Everyone is struggling to keep their heads above water...

We can no longer collect products in shops because of Covid-19: shop owners no longer allow it. Due to lack of funds, veterinary bills are also piling up… The combined costs of sterilisations, identifications and treatments are monumental!

The prices of some medicines have even doubled… Caring for animals is becoming a luxury. For a small association like ours, it's much too hard to get by!”

4. Catherine ne cherche pas à recevoir d’argent, seulement des croquettes pour nourrir les chats libres qui comptent sur elle.

“I have been involved with street cats since 1995. With my association, we intervene in our area, but also in other areas when possible: we can't let cats starve to death! Whether we are sick or tired... we take care of the cats no matter what.

When you feel concerned about the fate of animals, it's in your blood. Since I was a little girl, I have always had cats and lived with animals. Their well-being is my priority and I devote most of my time to them. I've never been on holiday in my life, actually… I am ill and the doctors would like me to do hydrothepary, but it is far from home and I can't leave the free cats because they need me.

To get through this complicated period, help with kibble would be particularly valuable!”

5. Animal Webaction can deliver food to help the cats of the association!

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Association Association des Chats Port-Saint-Louisiens
30 HLM le vauban
13230 Port saint Louis du Rhône
FR France

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