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Blankets for Minus

A farmer tried to shoot Minus with a rifle!
photo association
Blankets for Minus
A farmer tried to shoot Minus with a rifle!

287,300 cm2
blankets offered

287,300 cm2
blankets necessary

A farmer tried to shoot Minus with a rifle!

1. He was almost killed by an animal abuser...

Minus is a 16 years old cat, that we saved. Indeed, a farmer wanted to shoot him with a rifle. As he is old and does not run very fast anymore, he would have had great difficulties to run away by himself...

2. He walks with difficulty because of joint problems!

Probably suffering from osteoarthritis because of his age, Minus has difficulty walking. His rear end is lowered, it's as if he's bent over!

3. He lives in a building where it is cold and damp

Minus spends most of his time in a barn. He's safe from the rain, but not from the cold. Unfortunately, the place is not heated, and it is very wet in winter...

4. Blankets would bring him a little warmth every day

With fleece blankets, Minus could spend the end of winter warm. A little comfort and warmth would change his life! He would be able to rest, without being at the mercy of the cold...

5. We need help urgently!

Without a foster family, without help or subsidies, the situation is very complicated for my association. I have very few donations, so once my rent is paid, all my money goes to the 36 cats who rely on me.

The vet bills have been piling up, but it's impossible for me to pay for everything. Between that, the food and blankets for the cats, I can't afford it anymore! Without help, the situation will become more and more catastrophic...

Association Les chats de Feelin’ Good
Lieu dit Pigeonnier
47300 Lédat
FR France

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