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We cannot leave these 127 dogs starve!

DISASTER! In Serbia, Zuzana is almost out of kibble to feed the 127 dogs of her shelter, they are going to starve!
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We cannot leave these 127 dogs starve!
DISASTER! In Serbia, Zuzana is almost out of kibble to feed the 127 dogs of her shelter, they are going to starve!

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1,600 kg
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Animal Webaction visited the site 11 June 2022 and confirms the situation described below.

1. In Serbia, Zuzana has run out of kibble to feed the 127 dogs in her shelter, they will starve if no one helps them!


"The number of dogs in the shelter is not changing: many dogs have been adopted, which is great, but others come in almost immediately to take their place. As we have a bit more space in the shelter recently, we can bring in more dogs.

As summer is almost here, the stray dogs will have to endure the heat and lack of water. In addition, ticks and diseases affect them a lot during this period... If the dogs are not taken in at the shelter and have to stay on the street, they are left to their own devices and some of them will not survive...

We had bought bags of cheap kibble but the dogs in the shelter don't eat it, or when they do, they get violent diarrhoea! So we have had to reduce the amount of kibble they get for three weeks now... In a few days, the stock of kibble will be completely empty and I am very worried... I really need this kibble campaign to work, my dogs need it to survive!"

2. Zuzana's shelter welcomes many dogs weakened by injury, illness or disability: they will not survive without food!


"I take in so many dogs with serious health problems that it is almost impossible to pay all the vet bills! Almost every dog that comes into the shelter has heartworm, and the treatment for this infection is very expensive... Each one of them suffers from a disability, injury or illness, and has to undergo a vet procedure, or take medication regularly: that's a lot of money, but without it, the dogs simply wouldn't survive!

For the fragile dogs in the shelter to have a chance of living, I have to feed them properly so that their respective treatments are effective. Unfortunately, poor quality kibble only makes their health problems worse! I can't afford to give them kibble that gives them diarrhoea, it's happened before and it was a disaster... Without this kibble campaign, I'm afraid my dogs' health will get worse..."

3. Philina is just recovering from the abuse she suffered in her past, let's not let her go hungry...


"Philina had a neck injury when I rescued her from the street. I imagine she must have been tied up with a rope or chain for a long time, and her wound took a long time to heal... It took Philina a long time to recover from this trauma, especially as she had been deprived of food and had a heartworm!

Her recovery is still slow, but I can see that her condition has improved since her arrival at the shelter. As she is still recovering, a lack of food could be fatal... She has suffered so much in the past, it will break my heart if she goes hungry again..."

4. The inflation caused by the war in Ukraine has put a strain on the shelter's financial situation: Zuzana can no longer buy kibble!


"Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, I have received far fewer donations... Unfortunately, the financial situation of the shelter is not likely to improve, because as prices are increasing, I need even more help than usual! 

However, we are doing a lot of things to collect donations: we have set up donation boxes in several supermarkets, in vets' shops and in other busy places, we communicate a lot about our actions, we organise fund-raising events... But with inflation, the local population can no longer afford to give to the associations. 

We can no longer afford to pay all the expenses of the shelter as we used to: surgeries, medicines, microchips, kibbles, employees' salaries, the shelter's rent... All this represents a lot of money, and today the association is more in debt than ever!"

5. Zuzana is not asking for money, only kibble to keep the dogs from starving!


"The Pongo organization was registered in 2003. At the beginning, it was just me and 2 other people who helped when they could. It was tough – especially due to the lack of empathy from the locals. It took us many years and many ups and downs to come to where we are now, but it was all worth it!  

Just the fact that I am doing this fulfilling work, helping scared, hurt and abandoned dogs get better and find a great home – makes me the happiest I could ever be! This is my purpose in life, you might say. I've loved animals my whole life and helping them is as natural for me as life itself.

I just hope that people's mentalities will continue to evolve for the better, that everyone will start appreciating what we do more and that generally, people will come to understand that dogs are living, loving creatures. Dogs are such amazing animals, it is a gift to know this kind of love, I wish everyone will come to realize it and treat them with kindness."

6. If this campaign succeeds, Zuzana will not receive any money but 1600 kg of kibble, delivered from Animal Webaction's logistics platform in Serbia.

Animal Webaction has a logistics platform directly in Serbia, which enables us to intervene quickly and deliver kibbles.

7. Zuzana doubled her efforts to obtain kibble, but the association receives less and less help, this campaign is her last hope to feed her dogs!

"I regularly contact associations abroad, because here in Serbia there is little support for animal protection organisations... I always get the same negative answer, the associations are all overwhelmed, so I have to manage alone! We always try to make efforts, we never give up. Unfortunately, given the current world situation, it is increasingly difficult to receive help...

I am afraid that this situation will continue for several months, in which case I will have to make even more efforts to find ways to fund everything. I hope that more people will realise that animals are wonderful and loving creatures, and will want to adopt more and help when they can."

8. Campaigns launched on Animal Webaction often fail.

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When a campaign fails, Animal Webaction cannot deliver the products. The beneficiary doesn't receive anything and the buyers are refunded. 

9. In Serbia, street dogs are hunted by the state and ignored by the population, volunteers like Zuzana are their only hope.


If you know of a foundation or NGO that could help Zuzana, please invite them to contact us so that we can put them in touch.

If you represent an animal welfare foundation or NGO, please help Zuzana's dogs, contact us and we will put you in touch!

If you would like to drop by Pongo's shelter to help Zuzana or if you would like to send her kibbles or a check directly, contact Zuzana via Facebook (note: direct help is your own responsibility).

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