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The 165 dogs at Rokaya's shelter will soon have nothing left to eat, we cannot let them starve!

SOS! In Morocco, Rokaya is almost out of kibble to feed the 165 dogs at her shelter, they are going to starve!
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The 165 dogs at Rokaya's shelter will soon have nothing left to eat, we cannot let them starve!
SOS! In Morocco, Rokaya is almost out of kibble to feed the 165 dogs at her shelter, they are going to starve!

2,500 kg
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2,500 kg
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Animal Webaction visited the site 20 September 2022 and confirms the situation described below.

1. In Morocco, Rokaya is running out of kibble for the 165 dogs in her shelter. They will starve if no one intervenes!


"The inflation is completely killing us! The kibble we used to buy has more than doubled in price, even the the price of rice has gone up considerably. For the same amount of money, I can now only buy 10 kilos of rice, when I could buy 25 kilos a few months ago...

We also have a problem with water; the well we have on the corner of the shelter was rationed since July but now it has completely dried up. We have to buy water every 2 or 3 days! That's a huge amount of money for the association, considering all the other expenses we already have to face to run this shelter.

People support my actions on social media but it mostly comes in the form of encouragement. I appreciate verbal support a lot and I think it is very important to keep me motivated but I can’t lie, I need financial support more than anything now... My food stock will be completely empty in just a couple of days and without donations, I’ll be lost and the fate of my animals will be compromised..."

2. Street dogs are subject to mass killings but without kibble, Rokaya can no longer bring them to the shelter and put them to safety! 


"My shelter makes a big difference as it is currently a safe place for 165 dogs. For the ones who remain on the outside however, that's another story... Street dogs continue to face mass killing from the authorities and recently, I've even noticed a new "company" operating around the beaches. I know that their actions are far from being innocent, they're collecting the strays around the beaches and they are killing them. There have been a lot of witnesses and a lot of videos sent to me... 

The summer months have also brought an unusual influx of people, traffic was horrendous in the city. A lot of dogs were injured in car accidents as a result, far more than usual. I have recently saved several strays from the beach and the streets but I am now reaching my limits! The association's veterinary expenses and food needs grow along with the number of dogs but unfortunately, our donations don't follow. I'm indebted and I'm starting to reach a breaking point with suppliers who are begging me to pay off my debts. I know that if I don't find a solution soon enough, I will be cut off... In fact, I have already had to postpone surgeries.

While some of the surgeries can wait a little bit longer, food however, cannot! It's pivotal to the work I do and it's essential for the dogs. Without food, I cannot continue the rescues and the lives of the dogs in my shelter are also jeopardized... Please help me help them!"

3. Amputated after a car accident, Wrida is completely dependent on Rokaya's kibble to survive!


"Wrida is a 4-year-old female. We received a call of rescue for her after she was hit by a car. Her right leg was so badly injured, it couldn't be fixed. The vet had to amputate it and she is now disabled. Wrida isn't doing too bad considering her ordeal, she is very calm and peaceful. But she cannot move around as well as she used to, because of her missing leg - it's completely impossible for her to survive on her own now. She can't feed herself and relies entirely on my ability to do so..."

4. Low donations, debts... Rokaya can no longer do it alone, she needs help to feed her dogs!


" I receive some donations from time to time but they are not consistent and also very few. The problem is that we have more costs, the problem of water for example, and we need money to be available every single day and that’s not possible. Sometimes I even check with the bank in the middle of the month and I find 0 MAD in the account...

I wish my debts were at 0 as well but that's unfortunately not the case. I have debts at the vet's office, at the pharmacy, the food supplier, for the rent... I can't pay them back now: I can't even buy kibble for my dogs! When I first opened the shelter, I imagined that I was going to have the support of the locals and the authorities. Sadly, it's far from being the case...I realize I’m  just perpetually going against the motion and I have to think and find solutions (material and financial) on my own... I won't lie, sometimes I feel completely defeated. Today is one of those times..."

5. Rokaya isn't asking for money, only kibble to prevent the dogs from starving.


"My love for animals is what motivated me to open this shelter back in 2016. To this day and despite all the difficulties I face, my love for animals remains unchanged. When I see my dogs, it’s like I’m seeing my own family! I feel very happy when I enter the door of the shelter and I see the joy on my dogs' faces, their tails wagging, when they're jumping on me and wanting to play with me. I feel very proud of what I have accomplished with my very limited resources.

Overall I think that people who know me and my actions view my shelter as a great solution for those abandoned dogs. Unfortunately locally, things never really go beyond that... I barely get any support from here; actually the only beneficial thing is that people know me and call me to alert me about new rescues.

Unfortunately the association's financial situation is so dire right now that I can only accept a call of rescue if the caller is going to assume part of the finances of sterilization, operation and veterinarian fees with me. And that barely ever happens... I am hopeful that people and attitudes will eventually change. But until then, the requirements and needs of the shelter are more than my capabilities and more than my resources. I need some more support to ensure the future of the shelter and my dogs!"

6. If this campaign succeeds, Rokaya will not receive any money but 2500 kg of kibble, delivered from Animal Webaction's logistics platform in Morocco.

Animal Webaction has a logistic platform in Morocco which allows us to intervene quickly and deliver kibble throughout the country.

7. Appeals for help, looking for sponsors, Rokaya's attempts are not bearing fruit. This campaign is her only hope to feed the dogs!

"We sent a lot of emails recently. A girl has recently started helping me with all things social media and sponsor seach, but so far we didn’t receive a positive answer from anyone. There were some who said they were going to study the case and give us an answer but there hasn't been any real confirmation of help.

I continue to post daily on the Facebook page and group, but there are fewer and fewer donations. I tend to receive some donations when I post around dogs needing medical attention. Last week I received a donation and I did one dog's operation but that is all I could do with the funds received. I’m full of problems right now and I don’t have any possibility or way to get kibbles on my own other than through this campaign!"

8. Campaigns launched on Animal Webaction often fail.

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When a campaign fails, Animal Webaction cannot deliver the products. The beneficiary doesn't receive anything and the buyers are refunded.

9. In Morocco, donors are scarce, and there are no foundations or subsidies. It is very difficult to find funding for kibble, many dogs remain starving in the street!


If you know of a foundation or NGO that could help Rokaya, please invite them to contact us so that we can put them in touch.

If you represent an animal protection foundation or NGO, please help the dogs of Rokaya, contact us and we will put you in touch!

If you want to visit Rokaya's shelter or if you want to send her kibble or a check directly, contact her on Facebook (note: direct help is done on your own responsibility).

10. If you make a purchase on Animal Webaction, it will be protected by our guarantees.

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