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This campaign succeeded, it has been delivered on the 27/03/2023, the association will send us the delivery pictures soon.
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Blankets for Minouche

Minouche was so sick she was choking!
photo association
Blankets for Minouche
Minouche was so sick she was choking!

287,300 cm2
blankets offered

287,300 cm2
blankets necessary

Minouche was so sick she was choking!

1. Because of a big virus, she could not breathe anymore!

Minouche is a 17 year old cat, that we found in a catastrophic state. She had such a bad case of coryza that her airways were completely blocked, which prevented her from breathing properly! So we took her to the vet immediately.

2. She is in bad general health...

Once in care, we discovered that Minouche was covered with ticks. She has only a few teeth left, which are very damaged. Because of chewing difficulties, she is only 1.7 kg! It is also very likely that she has kidney problems.

3. Blankets would keep her warm and comfortable

Fleece blankets would help Minouche retain her body heat when she sleeps. A little comfort and softness wouldn't go amiss in her condition!

4. I need your help!

In order to manage the 25 animals that rely on me, I have to buy everything on my own, with my personal finances. This is no longer bearable: my budget is not extensible, and I have nothing left in stock!

Association Des Poils et Des Plumes
155 Avenue de la Mairie
95120 Ermont
FR France

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