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Pellets for Shoma

Poor Shoma was abused by her mother...
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Pellets for Shoma
Poor Shoma was abused by her mother...

200 kg
Pellets offered

200 kg
Pellets necessary

Poor Shoma was abused by her mother...

1. Her mother didn't want her!

Shoma is a three-month-old lamb, whom we had to separate from her mother. The mother was violently headbutting her as she didn't want to look after her in addition to her two brothers. So we took over her care and started bottle-feeding her.

2. She is struggling to fit in...

At the moment, Shoma is finding it hard to fit in with the other sheep at the association. She is also struggling to wean off the formula milk and to eat hay.

3. Pellets would help her transition smoothly

Easy to eat and digest, pellets could make a good transition towards hay. Their balanced nutrient composition would help Shoma develop her muscles well, grow healthily and resist the cold.

4. We have an enormous number of mouths to feed!

At present, nearly 200 animals are depending on us, including a hundred cats and many farm animals. The number of abandonments this year has been massive, and sadly donations have stagnated.

Our financial situation is becoming very precarious! Your support would be invaluable to help meet the needs of our little charges.

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